Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 36: Fashion First, Game Later

We really had a big day of nothing as Jack Matthews and Isabella Wang campaigned early, but both seemed comfortable with this week. Bella was comfortable because she knew it was very likely that she was leaving the Big Brother 21 house. Jack was comfortable because he knew he was probably staying.

Most of Bella’s hopes and dreams of staying in the Big Brother house relied on Jackson Michie, who she campaigned to, but it was basically like campaigning to a wall. He was set on keeping his best friend Jack. Bella spoke to Cliff Hogg III about whether he would break the tie in her favor, if one happened. He wouldn’t make that promise, but he told Nick Maccarone that that was his plan.

Cliff shared information about his conversation with Bella to Christie Murphy, but he left out the part about him actually keeping her in case of a tie. Jackson and Holly Allen also told Christie about Bella’s campaign, and they promised to vote with the group. Christie continues to be the most powerful player in the game.

Nicole Anthony was feeling the burden of this week. She wasn’t sure the best thing to do: should she chance it and vote against Jack? Should she vote with the majority? Would she be blamed for a rogue vote? Nicole had a lot to stress about going into tonight’s Big Brother 21 eviction. It also didn’t help that Jackson was giving Bella false hope, and Nicole wasn’t sure if that was to screw her over later.

Though Jackson was being ambiguous about his decision, eventually Bella was clued in about the vote flip not happening. Holly also planned to tell Bella directedly on Thursday. Meanwhile, Nick told Sam and Bella that he let Jackson know that Christie is trying to target him for the way he treats women. Jessica also told Kat that Jackson knows about the plotting going on against him. This made Kat worry about possibly backdooring him.

Click the images to get a closer look at the Big Brother 21 fashion show.

The rest of the houseguests tried to de-stress with a fashion show! Tommy Bracco hosted  a fashion show where Jack, Bella, and Kathryn Dunn designed costumes for Analyse Talavera and Christie (Bella’s team), Jessica Milagros and Holly (Kat’s team), and Nick and Cliff (Jack’s team). Jackson, Sam Smith, and Nicole were the judges. It started with a twist where the teams were no competing against each other for the title. Only one member of each team would make the finals.

The fashion show went on for a while. It had rounds, head-to-heads, dancing, and interviews. By the end of it, Jessica was crowned the winner against the other finalists Cliff and Christie.

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