Big Brother 23 Week 9 Alliance Update: Rain At The Cookout

The six-member Cookout alliance has been in control inside the Big Brother 23 house for the majority of the season. With only eight houseguests left in the game, the current Head of Household, Tiffany Mitchell, should have had an easy decision on who to nominate to the block this week, but one of those choices would be her plus one.

Big Brother 23 Tiffany Mitchell

As a result, Tiffany went rogue against her alliance and didn’t nominate Claire Rehfuss to the block with Alyssa Lopez. In an attempt to save Claire, Tiffany chose to nominate Xavier Prather (his plus one is Alyssa) to the block instead. Now, the Cookout alliance is upset that Tiffany has betrayed her promise and plans for the week. Will this be the beginning of an early end for the Cookout?

This is the point in the Big Brother 23 game where things start to get really dicey. Both Tiffany and Xavier have their plus ones left inside the house which makes their decisions that much harder. That is definitely the case for Tiffany this week.

When she chose to save Claire over her alliance’s plans for the week, her allies were not very happy with her decision.

Claire expected to be safe with her BFF in the power position all week. The only way Claire could be in trouble would be if the Power of Veto winner used the veto to save Alyssa. If Alyssa came off the block, then Tiffany would have to nominate Claire in her place or have two of her Cookout allies on the block together. This would guarantee an early demise of the Cookout, and a Cookout member would be sent to the jury this week.

Well, Tiffany’s worst nightmare came to fruition and Alyssa won the POV. Tiffany knew that if she nominated anyone other than Claire to the block, her Big Brother 23 game would implode immediately. Her only choice was to try and convince Alyssa to use her veto to save Xavier instead.

Tiffany tried her best to convince Alyssa immediately before the POV ceremony to use her veto powers to save Xavier instead of using the veto on herself. Tiffany’s argument was that if Xavier came down, then the nominee would be voted out and she and her plus one, Xavier, would both be safe this week. If Alyssa used the veto on herself, then Xavier would be the most likely voted out of the Big Brother house this week.

Alyssa was not buying what Tiffany was selling and used the veto to save herself. Tiffany did what she had to do to save her game and nominated Claire in her place. Tiffany did a bunch of damage control with Claire, and it appears to have worked. Claire is determined to save her game although she will be going to jury this week.

After Claire is sent to the jury house, the only houseguest remaining outside of the Cookout alliance will be Alyssa. Unless she wins the HOH next week or the POV, only the Cookout members will remain in the Big Brother house. That’s when the fun really begins, and they must start taking each other out of the game.

The wrench in all of this is the double eviction coming up in the next two weeks in the Big Brother 23 game. If Alyssa is evicted first next week, a Cookout member would go right behind her. The houseguests will be particularly surprised when they will face another double eviction the following week, but this is Big Brother. Expect the unexpected.

The six members of the Cookout have made numerous final four deals between themselves. Those will certainly impact the game soon. Kyland Young, Tiffany, and Hannah Chaddha had a conversation where they discussed being worried that Xavier is lying about evicting Alyssa when the time comes. They also expressed their concerns about all the final four promises made between so many of the group.

There is a common consensus that most of the Cookout want to take Derek Frazier and Azah Awasum to the finals with them…for obvious reasons.

The final six members of the Cookout are 3 males (Kyland, Xavier, and Derek) and 3 females (Azaz, Hannah, and Tiffany. Will the ultimate battle of the sexes take place in the Big Brother house? That is very possible as the males and females of the Cookout are extremely close with one another.

There is no doubt that this is the part of the Big Brother game where deals made throughout the season have huge consequences on each houseguest’s game. Who has planted the best seeds in the house to convince the jury they have played the best game? We will find out the answer to the question soon. Stay tuned.

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