Big Brother 25 Episode 17 Recap: The Roof Is On Fire

Cameron Hardin was the first houseguest of the Big Brother 25 season to win a second Head of Household competition. During his first run at the title, his target and plans were stripped away when Matt Klotz won the Power of Invincibility.

BB25 Cameron Hardin

Cameron had targeted Jag Bains for eviction and received a unanimous vote, but Matt’s power thwarted those plans and left Cameron with a dud for his HOH week. This time, Cameron doesn’t have many allies in the Big Brother 25 house. Will he target Jag again or find a new houseguest to target this week?

Big Brother 25 Week Six Head of Household Aftermath

Bowie Jane and Cameron were the only houseguests to vote for Jag’s eviction in the last vote. Ultimately, Red Utley was evicted right before the last HOH competition. The houseguests have not had any time to deal with those consequences.

Bowie Jane is very upset that the house majority did not tell her they were voting out Red, leading her to believe Jag was to be voted out last week. She feels blindsided and deceived by her fellow houseguests. She let Felicia Cannon know exactly how she felt about the situation.

BB25 Bowie Jane

Felicia told Bowie Jane to put her big girl panties on and play the game of Big Brother. Cirie Fields and Felicia explained this decision was not personal or against her. Going forward, this will be her decision on who she will align with in Big Brother. They have tasked Bowie with getting Cameron to confide in her to determine his plans for eviction this week. She can see through their b.s.

Cameron spoke with Cirie and Felicia about why they switched the vote and took out his ally, Red, last week. They tried to prop up Cameron and convince him that Red had completely turned against Cameron. They told him they only voted out Red to protect Cameron. Needless to say, Cameron didn’t fall for any of it.

Cameron can only trust Bowie Jane in the Big Brother 25 house now. He is so upset with the houseguests that he has sworn in the diary room to burn down the Big Brother house and means it. This should be an interesting week for this game.

Big Brother 25 Humili-verse Week

This week inside the Big Brother 25 house is Humili-verse week, and the houseguests will be honored with various humiliations. The first humiliation will occur in the bathroom where the houseguests will use a bullhorn to announce their entrance. In addition, a stink-o-meter was installed.

After each houseguest visits the bathroom, the stink-o-meter will announce a number to the house. If the number 10 is reached, the houseguests will have to wear a gas mask until further notice.

BB25 Felicia Cannon

Blue Kim was the first houseguest to reach a 10. All of the houseguests were promptly advised to put on their gas masks. This continued with many other houseguests after leaving the bathroom.

Big Brother 25 Week Six Block Plans

Cameron has led many of the houseguests to believe that he will nominate the same players he nominated during his last HOH. Those nominees would be Jag and Blue. Cameron told Blue about these plans, and she had a complete meltdown.

Cameron met with Jag and offered him a deal. If Cameron keeps him off the block this week, he wants assurance that he will be safe next week. Jag agreed to keep Cameron safe next week.

Big Brother 25 Week Six Block Nomination Ceremony

Let us not forget that this is Humili-verse week in the Big Brother 25 house. The nomination ceremony will be conducted a little differently. Cameron will put a safe pie in each houseguest’s face until only the two block nominations remain untouched. This should be interesting.

BB25 Cameron HOH Block Nominees

Cameron torched the house at the block nomination ceremony by playing the game his way. This week, he nominated Izzy Gleicher and Felicia to the block for possible eviction and took great pleasure in doing so. He alluded that his plan is to nominate Cirie to the block if he gets the chance with the POV.

Join us on Wednesday, September 13 at 8 PM EST for a special 2-hour Big Brother 25 episode with guest Josh Duhamel. Who will win the golden Power of Veto?


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