Big Brother 25 Wishlist: What We Want to See Next Season

Big Brother 24 was a journey. I know I’m in the minority of people who actually found themselves really enjoying the season. Like many, I hated it the first week but it quickly became a lot more interesting than expected. It was a complicated but exciting ride. 

Big Brother 24 Finale

Despite my enjoyment of Big Brother 24, there is always room for improvement. Therefore, I made a Big Brother 25 wishlist of things I would want to see in the upcoming season. This is my list of things that I think could really make Big Brother 25 unforgettable. 

Let’s look at my Big Brother 25 wishlist and some of the ways the show can improve. 

A Shorter Season

No one needs 80 or 90+ days of live feeds to enjoy Big Brother, By the final five, the feeds, usually, become quite boring and routine.  It’s not interesting watching people sleep. Big Brother Canada has proven that under 70 days in the Big Brother house is more than enough. 

Big Brother could even follow in a Survivor format by doing multiple seasons per year. Instead of 80 or 90-day seasons, why not two 50-65-day seasons? One in the winter and one in the summer? It would allow fans who really like Big Brother to get plenty of it but without feeling drained watching 80 or 90-plus days of feeds. Shorter days in the house also mean accelerated gameplay.

A shorter season of Big Brother could also provide more entertainment because houseguests won’t have as much downtime.

It’ll be more entertaining for the houseguests and viewers.

Fewer Sound Effects

Jasmine Davis BB24


The Big Brother 24 sound department was misusing funds. There was no way that many sound effects were needed in each episode. I understand that the editors want to make the show seem lighthearted. However, the editing for this season wasn’t lighthearted, it was borderline annoying.

The sound effects were too much and took away from any seriousness of the show. I don’t watch Big Brother for silly sound effects. I watch it for the social experiment, houseguests’ stories, and gameplay. 

The production of Big Brother 24 in general seemed a little lackluster. Big Brother once upon a time could string together great episodes. I still believe in that Big Brother. It just needs to find itself again.

Backyard Interviews

Big Brother Julie Chen

Now that the Big Brother live audience is back, it’s time to also bring back backyard interviews. Seeing outlets like Rob Has a Podcast, Entertainment Weekly, and US Weekly interview the houseguests usually provide some additional end-of-season fun moments.

Rob Cesternino interviewing the Big Brother 19 cast is high art. We need things like to return.

More Paramount Plus Exclusives

The Big Brother team really doesn’t do a great job of incentivizing people to pay for Paramount+. Yes, it’s the only way to watch the feeds. However, there should be more to it than that. Maybe Paramount+ could offer exclusives like behind-the-scenes videos, interviews with Big Brother alumni, and maybe even a Big Brother aftershow, like the UK’s Big Brother Bit On The Side.

A lot of fans miss Big Brother After Dark, so why not offer it exclusively on Paramount+. Yes, it is kind of not as exciting because you can just watch the feeds instead, but maybe make it more exciting by having the houseguests have to do something for that BBAD period, such as competitions or talent shows or anything to make it more exciting than normal feeds.

Paramount Plus logo on tablet

Paramount+ could do a lot more with Big Brother that would make the $9.99 fee feel more than worth it. 

Bring Back Luxury Comps

The only way to make Have-Nots exciting again is to make houseguests compete for it. Back in the yesteryears of Big Brother, houseguests would compete to see who became a Have-Not and who got a luxury budget. They also occasionally won prizes in this competition, like trips outside the house, free clothing, and other interesting prizes.

There is no reason not to do this. It adds more excitement to the game and would make people care a little more about Have-Nots. 

Comps Shown On The Feeds

Big Brother 24 was pretty disgraceful with the lack of feed competitions. We saw one competition live on the feeds all season. One of the things that made Big Brother Over the Top great was seeing things like comps and ceremonies live. 

There is no reason that every competition should be blocked. Feed watchers should be allowed to see at least every other Head of Household Competition play out on the feeds. This is also another place where luxury competitions could really drive feed views. Why not bring luxury competitions back and have them play out live on the feeds every Friday? 

Big Brother 24 Wall Comp 8

Diversify Casting Even More

We’re glad that CBS now has a 50 percent BIPOC mandate because now we have two Black winners. Something that may not have happened without this change. However, CBS can go further with diversity. It was nice to see three members of the LGBTQ+ community on Big Brother this year, but it’s rare that there is more than one. 

The casting team should continue to not only diversify the cast racially but in all areas of life. They also need to select a wider range of age groups. I’m tired of a cast full of mostly 20-somethings, a few 30-somethings, 1 or 2 players over 40 and that is it. We need more older houseguests. Maybe next season, the casting department could aim for half over 40. There are also racial groups beyond white and Black that aren’t represented enough on the show. 

Time to change that.

More Fan Votes

Kryssie wins a Care Package

I am someone who does not enjoy it when the fans have the power to directly alter the game with fan votes. I prefer less damning fan votes. To me, this means something less dangerous like a saboteur but all their tasks are lighthearted. 

The only potentially dangerous fan vote that I would love to see come back is the Big Brother Care Packages. They created so much chaos during Big Brother Over The Top that I want that madness back. They force the fans to strategize and usually really add some momentum to the game. 

I don’t think fans should have crazy power like a Head of Household week, but moderate power like Care Packages or rewarding their favorites with things like a letter from home. 

I’m looking forward to Big Brother 25, but I would look forward to it a lot more if CBS made a few changes. It could breathe even more new life into the game. 

What’s on your Big Brother 25 wishlist?
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