Big Brother’s Jeff and Jordan Wedding Photos! [Gallery]

When Big Brother showmance couple turned real life loves Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd found out they were expecting, it was a mad rush to the courthouse to get hitched pronto! The surprised but delighted pair decided to make things legal right away, and do the whole big wedding bonanza thing later on as plan. What was meant to just be a simple trip to the courthouse, however, turned into a beautiful and special day celebrated with friends.

Big Brother's Jeff and Jordan get married (YouTube)
Big Brother’s Jeff and Jordan get married (YouTube)

Jeff and Jordan have already released one video of their impromptu wedding day, and plan on posting a full video of the ceremony soon. Meanwhile, they’ve also been doling out some impossibly cute photos of their happy (first) wedding day on YouTube and other social media outlets. We can’t wait to see their future grand nuptials ceremony in Cancun later, but it’s kind of cool to get to experience having a little small wedding with just a few friends as well! Not everyone gets to enjoy both kinds of marriage experiences!

And they look so darned happy! Check out this fab gallery of their special day below. Click the thumbnails for larger pics or to scroll through.

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