Big Brother Over the Top Cast First Impression: Bless Their Hearts

Well, friends. I don’t think we’ll have to worry about any Big Brother Over the Top cast showmances this go around. My first question about this group… Did the casting people start in the south and forget about the northern states? Were they just so mesmerized by the southern hospitality that they decided half of the group needed to have a southern drawl?

Big Brother Over the Top Cast (CBS)
Big Brother Over the Top Cast (CBS)

Did the drama caused by our dear houseguests from northern states during BB18 leave a bad taste in their mouths that not even the strongest of mouth washes could get rid of? No matter what happened, y’all better have a southern friend on speed dial to translate for some of these people. I will be available for southern slang lessons for a limited time.

Lesson one: When we say, “Bless your heart,” IT IS NOT A GOOD THING!

Anyway, here are my first impressions of this new batch of Houseguests.


Kryssie Ridolfi

It’s female Paul. The end. #friendship


Scott Dennis

Steve is trying to go back in the house undercover. He thought we wouldn’t notice. But we did. Ian 3.0?


Michael “Cornbread” Ligon

My “first person to be evicted” radar is going off. I hope my radar is malfunctioning though. I’ve never met someone whose name is some type of food that I didn’t like. And I’ve met more of those people than you would think. Please also imagine the look on Jason’s face when he meets ole Cornbread. It’s priceless.


Danielle Lickey

Dear Big Brother gods, and Allison Grodner. Please let Danielle be what we all hoped Zakiyah would be. Sincerely, me.

Calling it now: She’s going to try to start a big female alliance.


Morgan Willett

Oh for the love of the live feeders who watch feeds wearing ear buds. Please. Please. Do not be obnoxiously loud.

Is she going to try to keep the fact that her sister is also in the house? Just a little tip… Don’t even try.


Justin Duncan

Please see below for Justin’s strategy:


Alex Willett

I like her. I’m all about the quirky.


Please see Morgan’s section for her game tip.


Monte Massongill

So help me, if this is Corey 2.0, I’m out.


Neely Jackson

I am genuinely concerned about her hair during competitions. I’m just thinking about the messy competitions… She’ll be finding that crap in her hair during BB20. I can’t think about this anymore. It’s causing me stress.


Shane Chapman

Pretty sure I saw him on the cover of a spicy romance novel at the library the other day. I was on my way to the nerd books, so don’t judge me.


Shelby Stockton

She describes herself as a loudmouth and obnoxious. So I’m really looking forward to her on the feeds. Psych, not.


Whitney Hogg

Bless her heart.

We are certainly in for an interesting time with this bunch! I’m really hoping Jason joins this gang. He won’t know how to handle all the southern-ness they’re about to lock up in that house. Let the game begin!