Big Brother Over The Top: The 5 Most Intriguing Preseason Players

Out with the old, and in with the new because Big Brother Over The Top starts tonight! Expect the Unexpected. No really, expect the unexpected because we have zero clues what’s about to happen tonight on BBOTT. We barely understand the new Big Brother Over the Top format.


Big Brother Over The Top will be Big Brother with a lot of changes. These twists revolve around the viewers having more control than ever.

Fans will ultimately pick the winner. Therefore, being a “fan favorite” is critical for Over the Top. All the players this season bring interesting elements to the game. However, a few stand out more than others.

We decided to single out five Big Brother Over the Top players and really analyze them as characters and potential players.

Scott Dennis


Scott looks like the typical Big Brother super fan. We have seen characters such as Scott almost every other Big Brother season. However, upon watching and reading Scott’s interviews, he seems a bit more devious than players like Ian Terry and Steve Moses.

We imagine that he might be more of the aggressor in terms of scheming and manipulating. Ian and Steve made it so far because they seemed harmless. Scott may try to use that stereotype to trick people, but underneath the surface, we see him playing more of an Andy Herren or Ronnie Talbott game.

Alex Wilett


Alex on paper seems like a Big Brother fan’s dream. She loves the series, has an in depth knowledge, strategic, and seems fairly likable. Alex may be the female player that we have been craving for so long.

However, Alex has a few things working against her. Her introduction video didn’t exactly scream Big Brother Over the Top MVP. Alex may have great ideas about Big Brother, and know how to play it on the surface, but she may not really have the drive to actually execute her ideas.

Alex also has a big weakness going into Big Brother Over the Top: she’s one of the twist. Playing with any family member sometimes emotionally affects your game decisions. You not only have to worry about yourself but your sister as well. Additionally, once people find out about the twist, they will immediately want Alex and Morgan Willett gone.

Michael “Cornbread” Ligon


Do not let the quirky nickname fool you, Cornbread is not some lovable simpleton. Based on Cornbread’s videos and interviews, he seems to have one of the most important skills as a Big Brother player: a great social game.

Donny Thompson had great strategic and physical skills, but he lacked the social prowess to slip by to the end. Cornbread might have the opposite problems. However, his social game should easily put him in an alliance that could protect him to the end.

We cannot wait to see what fun and surprises Cornbread might bring to the house.

Jason Roy


It has not been confirmed yet, but we would bet that Jason becomes the 13th Big Brother Over the Top houseguest.

Jason left early on Big Brother 17, so we didn’t really get to see Jason’s game skills. Before his departure, his commentary made the feeds must-see. Since leaving Big Brother, Jason continues to entertain fans, whether via his Twitter page or through post show recaps.

He has been granted a second chance to play Big Brother, a game he obsesses over and adores. Therefore, we know that he won’t squander this second chance, so we might see not only an entertaining player (if only in the Diary Room) but a good strategic one.

Shelby Stockton


We fully accept that we might be overestimating Shelby’s game potential but she seems like she might have the cutthroat ruthlessness that every great Big Brother player needs. She reminds us of a more likable Amanda Zuckerman.

Shelby’s biggest downfall could be her flirty nature. Shelby will definitely be in a showmance, but she hopefully has the ruthlessness to be cutthroat about it.

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