CBS Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Who Are the Veteran Mentors?

With only a few days left until the CBS Big Brother 14 premiere, the biggest cat of the season is pretty much already out of the bag when it comes to Big Brother spoilers. Rumors of special veteran Big Brother 14 mentors have been circulating forever, and now it seems almost certain we already know who the four vets are going to be.

The Big Brother 14 mentors rumor has been flying around in various forms for weeks now. CBS finally confirmed that there would be returning veterans coming back for Big Brother 14, but made it clear they would not be part of the regular Big Brother 14 cast players. Instead, they will be playing their “own game” in the Big Brother 14 house.

The details on how the mentors will work exactly are still sketchy, but we do have some pretty strong Big Brother 14 spoilers about who the four veteran mentors will be. Although it was initially rumored that Rachel Reilly would be among the “epic” players returning for BB14, it has been confirmed by CBS that no one from BB13 will be among the mentors.

Right now, from a tally of all the latest Big Brother 14 spoilers and rumors going around, it looks like the most likely players to be returning are Britney Haynes (BB12), Dan Gheesling (BB10), Janelle Pierzina (BB6 & BB7), and Mike “Boogie” Malin (BB2 & BB7).

Now, I personally don’t get how Britney Haynes could ever be considered an “epic” or one of the “most successful” players in Big Brother history, as CBS has labelled the returning vets. Perhaps, in the end, she was the first person they could get their hands on when something fell through.

Considering that Janelle’s Twitter handler apparently slipped up in faking Janelle’s being on vacation, and Janelle suddenly failed to show up for “Rumor Control” on Superpass on Friday, we’re thinking she is probably a lock. One of Dan Gheesling’s former houseguest buddies, Memphis, has also been teasing the Big Brother 14 spoilers hounds by asking where Dan is on Twitter.

CBS previously stated there would be more houseguests this season than any other previous season, which would theoretically mean there should be at least 17 houseguests this season when we’re only counting 16 so far. Therefore, there could still be some kind of twist to come introducing more new houseguests or vets.

Or, as Matt over at noted, CBS just could have decided not to count that guy on BB9 who left suddenly before the show began airing. I suppose that is kind of cheating, but CBS logic is what it is.

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