Evel Dick Confirms CBS Big Brother 14 Mentor Rumors (VIDEO)

Former Big Brother 8 winner Evel Dick Donato has ‘confirmed’ the rumor there will be veteran mentor houseguests among the Big Brother 14 cast.

Of course, ‘Evel Dick’ earned his nickname for a reason, and as far as we know he could just be screwing with us for fun. At this point, however, there have been so many alleged leaks and strong rumors about the whole Big Brother 14 cast mentor thing, it would be astounding if some form of the rumors were not actually true.

In a vlog posted on YouTube, Evel Dick said there will be returning players in the Big Brother 14 cast who will serve as mentors to the new players, but they will not have the ability to win the game for themselves.

“Rumors. Well, I’m going to confirm the rumors… I don’t know 100% but I know pretty, pretty well there’s producers that are leaking information… it looks like it’s going to be mentors, without them having a chance to win, without them really playing the game; having teams under them.”

Evel Dick called the Big Brother 14 mentors rumor the “worst kept secret in Big Brother history” and said he doesn’t care if anyone is pissed at him for saying it. He also appears to make fun of Janelle Pierzina (who is rumored to be one of the mentors) for allegedly faking on Twitter that she is on vacation in Greece  and lying about being in the Big Brother 14 house.

According to Evel Dick, three of the mentors have been pretty solid about participating in Big Brother 14, but one of them (allegedly rumored to be Rachel) has been “wavering” from the beginning… and that one may have been replaced.

Stay tuned later today for the official CBS Big Brother 14 cast announcement and the first Big Brother 14 houseguest interviews. We will be bringing you the latest Big Brother 14 news, gossip and media all day long!

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