Big Brother’s Janelle Pierzina caught in a lie?

Big Brother fans never cease to amaze us here at Big Brother Access. While we’ve been waiting patiently for any actual, confirmed facts about the impending Big Brother 14, the fans are going off the deep end. Not only do we have our mentor twist, as previously reported, but to add fuel to the fire Big Brother 6 and Big Brother 7’s Janelle Pierzina was possibly caught in a lie this weekend on Twitter.

Rumor has it that Janelle is one of the 4 mentors from Big Brother’s sordid past that will enter the house this summer and help coach the newbie houseguests (14 rumoured). But to help get rabid Big Brother fans off her tail she decided to tweet the photo above with the following:

Checking in! Hubby up-graded me to first class! Love him!!! #sohappy #byebyebitches #longassflight

Janelle had been saying for a couple of days that her and her husband were heading off to Greece for a much need vacation. But when savvy Big Brother fans found the above photo on a blog from W Magazine dated 2010, the faithful cried B-S!

The tweet didn’t last long and Janelle (or whoever was tweeting for her at that point) deleted the post and replaced it with:

I’m not gonna let you bitches stress me out while I’m on vacation.‪#bigbrotherfansrnuts‬ ‪#fuckya‬

Why would Janelle tweet a fake photo of her at the airport if there is no chance she’d be entering the house for her fourth go-round? If she was really at the airport she would hopefully just tweet and actual photo instead of going through the trouble of googling a Louis Vuitton bag from a W-Magazine blog post.

This is further to the Mentor rumor that has floated around the interwebs over the past week. The story goes that 4 mentors will enter the house including Janelle, Mike “Boogie”, Dan Gheesling and Rachel Reilly and will help coach the newbies to victory. The details are a little sketch and we’re not sure we fully believe it, but it’s fun to speculate.

Do you think Janelle’s Tweet was a cover-up? Or possible Janelle just screwing with the hardcore BB Fans? Let us know in the comments or Tweet us!