Celebrity Big Brother 2022 Week 2 HOH And Nominations (02/05/22)

Celebrity Big Brother 2022 kicked off its second-week last night with the Head of Household Competition. Teddi Mellencamp became the first player evicted during the Friday special 2-hour episode. It was two hours full of twists, including one where Mirai Nagasu became safe because of the mon won (backward means nom now) twist. Mirai came off the block and Todd Bridges went up in her place.

Big Brother 20 Nominations

Todd vs Teddi showed where some of the houseguests stood in the 2022 Celebrity Big Brother 3 house. Carson Kressley, Cynthia Bailey, and Chris Kattan were the only houseguests to vote out Todd, and everyone else voted out Teddi. This basically meant that Carson, Cynthia, and Kattan were at the bottom of the house by voting against the norm. One of them needed to win the Head of Household or anticipate one or two of them seeing the block this week, possibly all three of these Celebrity Big Brother 2022 players.

The Head of Household Competition played out late last night. The feeds returned to Chris Kirkpatrick winning HOH. Normally, anyone else in the dominating alliance would make things seem this week and target one of the three that voted against the majority, but Kirkpatrick and Mirai had some conflict before the Celebrity Big Brother 3 live feeds began. He was even also one of the few houseguests trying to keep Teddi in the game and get Mirai out.

It seemed fairly obvious that Mirai would be Kirkpatrick’s target this week. He decided to get straight to the point and nominated Mirai. Lamar Odom and other names were also discussed as a pawn. We have a speed week, but anything can happen between now and Monday’s eviction, especially with the Power of Veto Competition and Ceremony likely happening Sunday.


  • Chris Kirkpatrick is the Head of Household
  • He nominated Mirai Nagasu and Chris Kattan for eviction

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