Hayden Moss is the first Big Brother HouseGuest to ever compete on Survivor. Now it looks like his girlfriend, Kat Edorsson would like to turn the tables and become the first Survivor castaway to appear on Big Brother! Kat was eliminated recently on Survivor Blood vs Water in her second attempt to win the big prize on that series. Maybe Big Brother might be a better playing field for Kat instead?

Hayden Moss and Kat Edorsson on Survivor - Source: CBS

Hayden Moss and Kat Edorsson on Survivor – Source: CBS

In an interview with GlobalTV.com, Kat Edorsson talked about how difficult it was to compete on Survivor 27 with boyfriend Hayden Moss. The two met at a children’s charity event and had been dating for about a year before they signed up for Survivor 2013. Kat said it was torture to have to battle against Hayden on the show, rather than be his teammate, especially so early in their relationship.

“I am crazy about this guy, he is crazy about me and we are stuck in that situation,” Kat said. “It was awful.” When Kat had to compete on Redemption Island to keep herself from going home, the tension in her between her and Hayden reached new heights. He was offered the chance to step in and trade places with her so that she could go back in the game. Kat, in tears, initially begged him to do just that.

Survivor 2013 Kat Edorsson - Source: CBS/YouTube

Survivor 2013 Kat Edorsson – Source: CBS/YouTube

“You could see it on my face. It was like … Hayden, get your little butt down here and come switch with me,” Kat said. Instead, Hayden convinced her it was better that he be safe in the game because he was more likely to win — a strategy she agreed with even through her tears. “That is why we were so emotional because no matter how much I wanted to be there,” Kat said, “I always knew it was Hayden who would win over me.”

With her second stint on Survivor now over, Kat wouldn’t mind trying her hand at winning a very different kind of reality TV competition. When asked if she would ever want to follow in Hayden’s footsteps on Big Brother, Kat said she absolutely would jump at the chance. “It would be fantastic. I love to play social games,” she said.

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