Big Brother 22 Live Feeds: Kaysar and Ian Talk About Being On The Autism Spectrum

By: on August 9, 2020 |

Though the Big Brother game is all about manipulation,  backstabbing, and doing whatever it takes to win the Big Brother game, there are moments of genuine, human connection. We witnessed a few of those moments in the last few days of gameplay.

Big Brother 22 Kaysar and Ian Talk About Autism

When Ian Terry was on Big Brother 14, fans and medical professionals speculated that Ian might be autistic or on the autism spectrum. On Thursday, Ian confirmed that he is autistic. In a casual conversation on the feeds with Janelle Pierzina, Nicole Anthony, and Kaysar Ridha, he mentioned being autistic and Kaysar said that he was as well.

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Big Brother 22 Spoilers Week 1 Power of Veto Competition Results (08/08/20)

By: on August 8, 2020 |

Head of Household Cody Calafiore broke some Big Brother: All-Stars hearts yesterday when he nominated two players for eviction.  Cody’s initial goal was to put Kaysar Ridha on the block and get him out of the game this week. The Big Brother 22 Safety Suite kept Kaysar and his partner Janelle Pierzina safe this week. This put Cody in a tough position as he doesn’t want to ruffle any feathers this early in the season. It’s a bit too late for that as Kaysar is (semi) quietly trying to build an army against Cody and his proposed allies.

Cody took what he felt was the smart route and nominated Keesha Smith and Kevin Campbell for eviction. Cody would prefer that Keesha leaves before Kevin, but the house hasn’t completely decided on who to evict between the two. A lot will be decided with this Power of Veto Competition.

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Big Brother 22 Spoilers: Week 1 Block Nominations (8/07/20)

By: on August 7, 2020 |

The Big Brother 22 game officially kicks off tonight with the first nominations of the season. Then we’ll get our first Big Brother 22 Veto competition and ceremony on Saturday. On Wednesday, Big Brother viewers saw Cody Calafiore become the first Head of Household of the season. 

Big Brother 20 Nominations

It’s always an easy and difficult job being the initial Head of Household of the season. You have to find reasons to nominate people when none of you have been in the house long enough to have any real targets or enemies. The other side of that coin is that you can use excuses like “someone hasn’t talked game with you” or “the house wanted you up,” to avoid getting any major blood on your hands in the first week.

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Big Brother 22 Spoilers: Janelle Adds Fuel To The Nicole F. Preseason Rumors

By: on August 7, 2020 |

Man, when Big Brother kicks off, they really kick-off. The last 24-hours have had lots of gaming and drama going on. One major thing happening is that current Big Brother 22 Head of Household Cody Calafiore was planning to target Janelle Pierzina and Kaysar Radha this week, but the Safety Suite gave them a second life. 

Janelle Pierzina on Big Brother 22

The alliances aren’t concrete but people are forming bonds left and right. Nicole Anthony has already found herself in good with many houseguests, especially Janelle and Kaysar. Late last night/early this morning, Janelle had a long conversation with Nicole, with occasional guest appearances by Kaysar.

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Big Brother 22 Spoilers: The Safety Suite Winners Are Revealed

By: on August 6, 2020 |

The Big Brother 22 action began last night with the premiere episode that reintroduced us to the houseguests who would compete for the $500,000 prize. Today has been a day of full feeds action: alliances being made, targets being set, and lots of Big Brother gossip. We’ll get more to the juicy bits later in another post. For now, a major Big Brother prize was rewarded and we need to reveal that winner.

Earlier today, the Big Brother 22 houseguests learned of the latest twist: The Safety Suite. On last night’s Big Brother premiere host Julie Chen-Moonves announced that there would be a way for not one, but two houseguests to win safety from nominations and eviction this week.

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