!SPOILER ALERT! – Big Brother 13: Final Head of Household Competition Results Part Two

Round two of the Big Brother 13 final Head of Household competition is over and we’ve got the spoilers if you want to hear them! If you haven’t caught up on who won the first round of the HoH yet, you can do that here. Otherwise, read on by clicking underneath our SPOILER alert below for the round two results!

[spoiler name=”Big Brother 13 Final Head of Household Part Two Results”]

The second round of the final Head of Household Competition was an underwater challenge. Adam apparently got sick of his goggles when they started filling up with water and later regretted it.

Poor Adam. Things are just not looking good for him. Why? Because Porsche beat his butt in the second round. Since Rachel won round one, it will now be Rachel and Porsche battling it out in the final round for the last eviction vote. Adam just has to sit there and be the pawn they play with. Whoever gets the vote will have to decide if Adam is the bigger threat or the other girl is (the answer should be obvious here).

Adam is now to the point of begging. He has told both Rachel and Porsche if they take him to the final two he will tell the jury to give them the $500,000 because he doesn’t deserve it. Yes, well, we kind of agree on that but don’t really believe you.


Don’t forget that there won’t be an episode this Sunday, so unless you have the Big Brother live feeds, you’ll have to wait until Wednesday for any more Big Brother 13 goodness!


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