Big Brother 13 Finale Winner Predictions

The Big Brother 13 finale happens Wednesday and one lucky houseguest is going to walk away with a half a million dollars. Who ends up the winner will come down to who wins the final Head of Household battle and decides who will be in the final two.

If you don’t want to know who has won the first two rounds of the final Head of Household battle, then we ask you to stop reading here. If you want to hear our predictions on how the final plays of the game may go down, then just keep on reading.

In the first round of the final Head of Household Competition, the results came out just as many had predicted. Rachel, the queen of the endurance challenge, came out the winner by hanging on to a giant mixer spinning around and around. Adam didn’t stand a chance, groaning in pain after five minutes and Porsche just couldn’t stomach the bouncing around long enough to take down Rachel.

For the second round of the final Head of Household Competition, Adam and Porsche battled it out in an underwater challenge. Adam, stupidly, decided to ditch his goggles during the competition and ended up regretting it badly when he couldn’t see crap. So he lost out to Porsche big time.

The final round of the HoH will come down to Porsche versus Rachel during tomorrow night’s final episode. Depending on who wins (and the odds are in Rachel’s favor), we have several possible winner scenarios.

If Rachel or Porsche win AND decide to keep the other girl in the competition, things are a little hairy but the outcome seems relatively certain. Jeff, Jordan and Brendon are nearly 100% guaranteed to vote for Rachel. Shelly will totally vote for Porsche and we think Daniele will as well. Kalia will almost certainly vote for Porsche, but there is a slim chance she could pull a fast one. We doubt it though. Adam is the important vote here. he has said he will vote for Rachel even if she throws him out in the final round. Still, he isn’t a guaranteed vote, he could change his mind on a whim and decide to vote for Porsche just to have the fun of taking away the win from a veteran. We don’t think he will though, he’s shown he has too much fan love of the vets to betray them now.

So, if it is Rachel versus Porsche, we are predicting it will be a Rachel win.

Now, if for some reason Rachel should win and decide to keep Adam instead of Porsche, we think that would be a very smart move. In this scenario, Rachel MIGHT win Daniele’s vote as well, because Daniele does not like Adam. The same is true with Kalia. Although, Rachel did call Kalia a cow in her goodbye message… So she could end up with only Shelly voting for Adam, or maybe Shelly and Porsche if the latter is really pissed at not being chosen for the final two. Even if Kalia should flip over being insulted, Rachel still comes out on top.

So, if it is Rachel versus Adam, we are predicting a Rachel win.

Lastly, we have the Porsche versus Adam match-up, which we think is the least likely scenario. Rachel is more likely to win the last HoH round in our opinion, so the first two options are the best predictions. If, however, Porsche SHOULD beat out Rachel somehow AND goes back on her deal with the veteran player, we still don’t think she stands much of a chance. In an Adam versus Porsche finale, the only people we see voting for Porsche is Daniele and Kalia. Brendon, Jeff, Jordan and Rachel will all likely reward adam for his loyalty at various points in the game. Shelly has always been on Adam’s side.

So, if it is Adam versus Porsche, we predict an Adam win.

In the end, it really looks like Porsche is the least likely to take home that $500,000 prize but possibly the MOST likely to end up in second place.

That’s our predictions, with the best odds going to a Rachel win for her second round of Big Brother. Now let us know what you think!


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