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Big Brother 13: Jordan Versus Shelly – The Screaming Match in Screenshots!

If you missed out on the whole Jordan versus Shelly screaming match that ensued after tonight’s double eviction, check out the insanity below! We think Jordan definately has every right to be angry, but we had no idea she had that kind of rage locked up in that tiny little body. And the foul language, oh my! Of course, the most hysterical part of it is RACHEL being the one trying to calm down Jordan! What kind of crazy, twisted Big Brither 13 world have we fallen into tonight? […]

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Big Brother 13 Episode 22: Live Eviction and Head of Household Results

There is so much insanity going on in the Big Brother 13 house tonight that we are beside ourselves with glee! Seriously, the houseguests are in a state of shock. We are verging on it ourselves. This simply has to be the most nail-biting episode of the entire season so far. Read on if you want to know the crazy results of this week’s live eviction and Head of Household Competition! […]