Big Brother’s Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd Australian Adventure! [PHOTOS]

By: on November 17, 2013 |

Big Brother and The Amazing Race couple Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd are loving Australia right now courtesy of talks show host Ellen DeGeneres! Jeff and Jordan were in the audience at the The Ellen Show last January when she gave the whole audience trips to Australia. Looks like Jordan and Jeff finally found the […]

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Britney Haynes Baby Tilly Celebrates 4 Month Birthday [PHOTOS]

By: on November 14, 2013 |

We know we’ve posted a lot about Big Brother alum Britney Haynes Godwin and her daughter Tilly’s fight against childhood cancer. Honestly, we just find her family so incredibly inspiring that we can’t help following their story. We are so happy to see Tilly’s face shining so bright in a happy smile in her 4 […]

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Britney Haynes ‘Relentless’ In Fight To Cure Baby Tilly

By: on November 12, 2013 |

Big Brother alum Britney Haynes is “relentless” in her fight to cure their baby daughter Tilly of cancer, her husband says. Britney’s infant daughter was diagnosed with an undisclosed form of the disease at just two months old. So far, Tilly has gone through three rounds of chemotherapy and will be undergoing surgery soon, according […]

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Big Brother 9 Alum Jen DiTurno Got Married! [PHOTOS]

By: on November 11, 2013 |

Huge congrats to Big Brother 9 alum Jen DiTurno, who got married to the very handsome Mark Schubert on November 1 in Ohio. Our apologies on the delay in wishing the lovely couple all the good wishes in the world! There are so many Big Brother alumni out there, we sometimes miss a special event […]

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Big Brother 15: Are Jessie and Judd Dating? [PHOTOS]

By: on November 8, 2013 |

On Big Brother 15, Judd Daughtery and Jessie Kowalksi went from friendly to furious over the course of the show. At one point they were sort of showmancing, then they were acting like bitter enemies. Judd called Jessie some ugly stuff, Jessie thought Judd was a serious douchebag at times. Now it seems like all […]

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Big Brother 15: Helen Kim Announces Her Father Died

By: on November 6, 2013 |

Big Brother 15 alum Helen Kim Fitzpatrick announced on Twitter that her beloved father died this past weekend. In her post, Helen called her late dad the “greatest father” and said she hoped to “always make you proud.” Whether you loved her game play or hated it, Helen Kim was one of the most powerful […]

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Survivor Blood vs Water: Kat Edorsson Calls Hayden Moss “Love of Her Life”

By: on November 6, 2013 |

Last week on Survivor 2013, Kat Edorsson choked up during the Redemption Island challenge and ended up being the one who went home. We’re pretty sure Big Brother alum Hayden Moss was feeling pretty lousy after refusing to switch places with her even after she basically begged him in tears. In her Survivor 2013 exit […]

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Big Brother 15’s Aaryn Gries Boyfriend Big Reveal! [PHOTOS]

By: on November 5, 2013 |

Big Brother 15’s Aaryn Gries has a new man and she is happily showing him off on Instagram. Aaryn Gries’ boyfriend certainly seems to be quite the catch if you’re into the military type. The handsome young marine dressed up in uniform to accompany a sparkling Aaryn to the Marine Ball recently. While she was […]

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Big Brother HouseGuests Halloween Madness! [PHOTOS]

By: on November 1, 2013 |

Big Brother HouseGuests are celebrating Halloween along with the rest of us today and some of their costumes are just totally outrageous. We are talking about YOU especially, Candice Stewart! From sexy to sleazy, pretty to princess, Big Brother Halloween is here! For Halloween this year, we considered dressing up like one of our favorite […]

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Big Brother Canada 2014 Casting Done for Season 2

By: on October 30, 2013 |

If you’ve been anxiously awaiting that callback from Big Brother Canada casting for season 2, we’re sorry to tell you it won’t be coming. Casting director Robyn Kass (Kassting Inc.) announced on Twitter that casting is now complete. The final Big Brother Canada 2014 cast for season 2 has not yet been chosen but no […]

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