The Amazing Race 24 Cast Spoilers: Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas On Board

The Amazing Race All Stars cast spoilers list has finally been leaked by a usually very reliable source and it looks like there will indeed be a Big Brother showmance couple on board. Rumors have been flying around for a while that a Big Brother showmance couple would be appearing on the The Amazing Race 24. Now it appears we’ll be watching Rachel and Brendon yet again on another season of a CBS reality TV show.

Rachel and Brendon Big Brother 12
Rachel and Brendon – Source: CBS
Too bad, so sad for McCrae Olson and Amanda Zuckerman, who are reportedly VERY eager to be cast on The Amazing Race. With Rachel and Brendon on The Amazing Race All Stars cast, we’re kind of betting that the network probably won’t put anyone from Big Brother on the following season because that would probably be more nepotistic than even CBS could stand. Honestly, we also just don’t think McCrae and Amanda have the kind of fan appeal that Rachel and Brendon or Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd have.

Then again, this is CBS. They recycle reality TV contestants like other people recycle soda cans. We’ll probably see McCrae and Amanda again somewhere on the network. Right now, of course, all things Rachel Reilly seem to be in vogue. We’re actually a bit surprised that they decided to have Rachel and Brendon for The Amazing Race 24 cast and not Rachel and sister Elissa Slater from Big Brother 15. After all, Elissa ended up being the “darling” of BB15 and we thought CBS would be all over extending that 15 minutes of fame!

That’s okay though, we’re quite sure we’ll see Elissa and Rachel together again somewhere on some CBS show in the future as well. Hell, there are already rumors they might be getting some kind of show together. That’s just how it works with this network. Anyone who builds any kind of fan base at all will be brought back again, and again, and again to suck every bit of viewership out of those fans possible for as many years as they can.

If CBS was going to reuse a Big Brother showmance couple for The Amazing Race 24 cast, we do kind of wish it had been Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd. Seriously, how cute are they right now wandering around Australia and gawking at everything Down Under? Sadly, they were eliminated in fifth place on The Amazing Race 16. Rachel and Brendon made it to third place on The Amazing Race 20, so we guess that gave CBS a better excuse to use them for an ‘all-stars’ cast.

Here’s the rest of The Amazing Race All Stars cast lineup according to spoilers guru Miss Cleo:

Rachel & Brendon – married (TAR 20)
Margie & Luke – mother/son (TAR 14)
Nate & Herb – Globetrotters (TAR 15 & 18)
Jef & Cord – cowboy brothers (TAR 16 & 18)
Mark & Mallory (TAR 17, 18 & 20)
Natalie & Nadiya – twins (TAR 21)
Jennifer & Caroline – singers (TAR 22)
Conner & David – father/son (TAR 22)
Jessica & John – engaged (TAR 22)
Leo & Jamal – Afghanimals (TAR 23)

We gotta say, we find it rather boring that so many of the contestants are from just the past few seasons and there isn’t a single contestant from a season earlier than The Amazing Race 14. And why are there SO many from season 22? It wasn’t that great of a season.

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