Who Was Nominated for Eviction on Big Brother? 8/28/2015

As soon as the Head of Household Competition was over and the returning Jury member was back in the house, the wheeling and dealing began furiously to determine who the next eviction nominees would be. The new Head of Household had a firm plan in mind, and nothing was going to change their mind about who they were going to put on the block at the Nomination Ceremony!

Big Brother nominations day – week 10

There was no time wasted by the new HoH in power in getting with their allies to hash out who would go up on the block. Despite some strong persuasions from their allies on who to target, they’ve decided to exactly what they think is best for their own game, allies be damned.

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds and CBS show. Please do not proceed if you do not want spoilers!

In case you missed the end of the dual Head of Household / Jury Competition last night on the Big Brother Live Feeds, you can read up in our Big Brother spoilers recap for the challenge. The competition wasn’t much of an endurance challenge, since it ended only a few minutes after the live show cut off.

The last two competitors in the challenge were Vanessa, and returning Jury member Johnny Mac. Vanessa was bragging at the end that she could hold on for another hour (there have been some fan accusations she cheated by sitting, instead of standing, on the rope disk, casting director Robyn Kass says she did not). Vanessa offered safety to Johnny Mac if he would quit, but he did not respond to her offer. However, already having secured his return to the house, and not looking so good, dropped off and let Vanessa win.

In later conversation with Vanessa, Johnny Mac claims he couldn’t take her deal in public but he dropped off as his answer to her offer. But since he didn’t say he was going to take the deal in front of the other Houseguests, they won’t know they had a deal. (Smooth move there Johnny Mac.) He also told her the studio audience was thrilled with the idea of him and her working together. (Although, really, the audience didn’t specifically indicate that. But again, another smooth move.)

So, with all that, it looked pretty solid that Vanessa was not going to do a repeat and put Johnny Mac up on the block. She’s also been molding and manipulating Steve to be her lackey, so she doesn’t want to put him up either.

The problem is Vanessa’s so-called allies, the Austwins. They are now terrified of Johnny Mac because they got him evicted, and they are afraid he is going to come after them. So they wanted Johnny Mac back on the block. But Vanessa told them she is going to do what is best for her game.

Big Brother Live Feeds

What’s best for her game, in her mind? Well, for now, that means ditching a previous deal she made with James not to put him and one Houseguest of his choice on the block if she won HoH. Then again, James did ditch a deal he made with her at the end of an HoH Competition and put her butt on the block. So it’s only fair, right?

Thus, it looks like Vanessa has settled on putting up James and Meg on the block, with final target still yet to be totally agreed on. The big surprise will be that both of them are pretty much almost certain that Vanessa is going to put up Steve and Johnny Mac again. So we expect the nominations are going to be a bit of a shocker for the Goblins!

[UPDATE: Not long before Nominations time, the Goblins were clued in that one of them may be going up, so not a total shocker after all. But they didn’t know they would both go up together.]

Big Brother Live Feeds

If one of them wins Veto, however, all sorts of interesting things could happen. Vanessa has obviously been playing both sides of the house, especially with Steve and Johnny Mac, to maneuver herself into a position to go against the Austwins at some point.

CBS Big Brother 3

Could a backdoor option to put up Austin or one of the twins come into play if the Veto gets used? We’ll just have to wait and see…

Final Have-Nots for the season are: Johnny, Julia, James, and Meg.

UPDATE: Official Eviction Nomination results are now in and James and Meg were indeed put on the block.

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