Will the Big Brother 21 Finale Include a Format Change?

On Thursday, Big Brother host Julie Chen-Moonves announced that Sunday’s episode would be a special one; instead of the usual memory lane episode, we will watch an interview with the Big Brother 20 final three, along with the first part of the Head of Household Competition playing out in its entirety.

Big Brother 21 Final Three

Most seasons around this time, we get a full episode of memory lane clips and only the start of the first part of the Head of Household Competition. Then the rest plays out on the Wednesday night finale, along with part two and the live part three. The first Head of Household Competition usually takes up at least ten to fifteen minutes of the first hour. With this space now being freed, this likely means that we’ll get some other segments running longer. or a completely new segment.

We may get a long jury roundtable than we usually see, a longer questions and answers section with the final two, and even a longer section devoted to the pre-jury members. We’d bet on the extra time going to the pre-jury members of Big Brother 21, especially because of the controversy surrounding this season–in terms of race and Big Brother‘s lack of diversity problem. We’re also sure CBS wants to cash in on the drama sure to ensue with the latest jury house bombshell of Kathryn Dunn and Nick Maccarone now being an item, after he was previously so in love with pre-jury evictee Isabella Wang. Buckle-up bitches, the Bella, Nick, and Kat part is bound to be a wild, dramatic ride.

Many people also complained last season that there wasn’t enough time with the pre-juror players because of the surprise Bayleigh Dayton and Chris “Swaggy C” Williams proposal took up their time. CBS might just be playing a little smarter than previous seasons by not packing too much into the hour and a half finale. They may want to leave some room for any possible surprise moments, or to let fans, contestants, and crew really breathe for a moment as they take in these final few minutes.

We also may just get a planned surprise or two on the Big Brother 21 finale, so CBS may be adding in time to drop a bombshell or two on us (like whether we’ll get a fall or winter version of the show?).

How do you think CBS will fill the extra space of time on the Big Brother 21 finale?

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