All kinds of drama exploded with the Big Brother 15 cast on Tuesday! In addition to the latest Big Brother spoilers on the vote count, we had a royal meltdown from Elissa, a very entertaining b*tch fight between her and Aaryn, and basically the whole house has degraded into a pit of madness, vulgarity and despair. In other words, it was a fabulous day on the 2013 Big Brother Live Feeds!

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Ever since Elissa found out she did not win the Big Brother 15 Most Valuable Player power this week, she has been pretty much totally out of control. She insulted Amanda to her face, denied she ever insulted her, pissed off half the other HouseGuests and is in real danger of totally mucking up her allies’ plans for the eviction this week. Honestly, at this point we really can’t wait until she gets thrown out on her a** because all week long it’s been like watching the “Rachel Reilly’s Sister Show” instead of Big Brother 2013!

WARNING: Big Brother 15 Spoilers Ahead! This report contains information about game play, alliances, competition results, etc. from the Big Brother Live Feeds that has not yet been shown on the CBS network prime time show. Please stop reading now if you do not want to know!

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds Report: Tuesday Overnight, 7/23/2013

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12:40 AM BBT: Judd immediately goes and tells Spencer and Howard that Amanda is working hard to get Kaitlin evicted instead of Aaryn. Spencer and Howard tell Judd they will vote however he tells them to, they don’t care either way. Judd says if he were to pick either Aaryn or Kaitlin, he would pick to vote out Kaitlin. Jessie comes in and Judd wants to know who she thinks should be evicted. She says she thinks it should be Kaitlin. Hilariously enough, Spencer suggests that Judd make a deal with Aaryn that if she gets Head of Household, he will get to choose her nominations. More circles within circles…

1:20 AM BBT: Jessie tells Spencer and Judd that Kaitlin has been trying to play all sides of the house. Spencer says Kaitlin will be out this week and Aaryn the next week. Spencer wants to know if Jessie can control Aaryn and she says she can.

Untitled-4s copy1:30 AM BBT: Howard, Judd and Spencer are up in the HoH. Spencer says when Andy comes up they should name their alliance so Andy feels more included. Spencer talks about seeing Kaitlin’s tits in the shower. Meanwhile, Andy tells Jessie that he doesn’t trust Howard and Spencer one bit and that if he wins HoH, he will put them both up. Andy says Spencer acts like he is his friend but he’s not and is making deals everywhere. Andy goes up to the HoH and Candice is up there now too. They talk about random stuff. Spencer says Jessie has nice tits. Spencer is apparently obsessed with tits.

2:45 AM BBT: GinaMarie and Judd promise to try to mutually protect each other and see how far they can get in the game. Judd suggests they have a final 2 deal. Gina says that Jessie is such a floater and totally useless. Judd says he has GinaMarie until the end. Judd says everyone is voting Kaitlin out but not to tell anyone. He says they might have to work with McCrae and Amanda and that Elissa will be out before Jury. Gina says she thinks Howard was the MVP. Judd thinks he is dangerous and Spencer too. GM says if she wins HoH, she will put up Candice and Elissa.

Meanwhile, Aaryn tells Kaitlin that Jeremy was her brother. Kaitlin is shocked and says no way, you are lying! Aaryn says she knows she is going home so she figured she should tell her. Kaitlin is freaking out. Aaryn finally laughs and says she was just f**king with her. Kaitlin laughs and calls her a f**king b&tch. Kaitlin says she has heard both of them are staying so it is all so pointless and she’s over it.

Untitled-5 scopyAaryn goes over to Judd and GM and dares them to do the cinnamon challenge. GM actually manages to slowly swallow the cimmamon — and that is not easy. Kaitlin says she has never seen anyone do it before. GM yells for the cameras and then does another huge, heaping spoonful. Amanda says she bets GM gives “mad head” and that if she had a pen*s, she would shove it down her throat right now. (Really Amanda?)

3:35 AM BBT: McCrae and Amanda snuggle and talk. McCrae wonders how much it would be to fly to Florida. He says he has messes he has to deal with back home and she says it better not be girlfriend messes. McCrae kind of avoidos the question. Amanda says he can just not talk to “her” anymore and he doesn’t owe “her” anything. Guessing we missed some kind of conversation at some point about “her” — whomever that is. Amanda says she better be the first and last person he proposes to. They snog.

3:50 AM BBT: Aaryn gives Spencer a massage, then Gina does. They talk about sex and what positions they like and don’t like. Gina, naturally, thinks about Nick and says she is going to look him up when she gets out. She shares that Nick never did anything with her but she did give him a massage once. Kaitlin and Aaryn go to bed. Spencer, Judd and GM talk about the next HoH.

4:25 AM BBT: Aaryn tells Kaitlin that she thinks she is going to be evicted. Of course, she is lying through her teeth.

Untitled-64:50 AM BBT: GinaMarie gushes about Nick some more and how she loves him. GM gets called to the Diary Room. Spencer and Judd talk game for a bit. GM comes back and says production was worried about her after all the cinnamon.

5:00 AM BBT: Spencer, Howard and Judd discuss voting to keep Aaryn this week and evict Kaitlin. Judd says he needs to stay away from Jessie more so they aren’t seen as some kind of couple. Spencer says Judd should not sleep in the same bed with her after he isn’t HoH anymore. Everyone heads off to sleep.

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds Report: Tuesday Morning, 7/23/2013

10:00 AM BBT: Helen, Jessie and Judd chat about the eviction plan to get out Kaitlin. Helen says she still wants Aaryn to be afraid she won’t get enough votes to stay. Helen asks Judd if he is working with Spencer and he says no. She’s like, okay, then you are just pretending to work with him.

10:20 AM BBT: Judd is honestly confused about all the deals and alliances going around, like most of the viewing audience.

10:25 AM BBT: Andy and Judd do some trash talking about Spencer and Howard. Judd says when they get Howard out, Spencer will be all by himself and have no one. Judd tells Andy he is concerned about Helen and whether or not he can trust her. Andy tells Judd that Helen is solid.

Untitled-1 copy11:30 AM BBT: Pretty much all of the HouseGuests now think that Howard won the Most Valuable Player this week and put up Elissa for the eviction nominee and GinaMarie as the replacement nominee. Helen thinks America voted Howard to be the MVP because of all the offensive racist remarks and actions he and Candice have had to put up with in the house.

11:50 AM BBT: Judd, Andy and Jessie are on the backyard could. Judd tells Jessie about his fake alliance with Howard, Spencer and Andy. He says Howard and Spencer also have other alliances with McCrae and Amanda, Helen, etc. and they think people don’t know about all their various alliances.

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds Report: Tuesday Afternoon, 7/23/2013

12:25 PM BBT: Judd finds some of Nick’s shirts he didn’t pack to take with him when he was evicted. Since he’s short on clothes, he decides he is going to wear them himself.

12:30 PM BBT: Elissa and Amanda trash talk about some of the other HouseGuests and talk about how the worst alliance ever would be Spencer, Howard, Kaitlin and GinaMarie. Elissa reconfirms her commitment to voting against Kaitlin and keeping Aaryn, despite her hatred of Aaryn. Amanda goes out in the backyard and joins Judd, Andy, McCrae and Helen on the couch. They talk about the eviction and if they should tell Howard and Spencer about the vote to get out Kaitlin. Amanda says not to tell them until Thursday to keep them from trying to flip stuff.

12:50 PM BBT: Big Brother 15 production adds to the theory that Howard is MVP by calling him to the Diary Room a little too often the past few days apparently. The other HouseGuests think that is a clue he won it. Amanda talks about Howard using his “religion” in the game to get ahead and Judd says Spencer is trying to do it now too. McCrae, Judd, Amanda and Andy all agree they would put up Howard and Spencer if they win Head of Household.

1:10 PM BBT: McCrae tells Howard he hasn’t heard of him being a target (liar) but that he has heard Amanda is and that scares him. Howard says you can’t hustle a hustler or con a con man. He says he sees the BS and he knows who he’s got and who has a good heart in the house. McCrae says he likes Howard’s bible because of the explanations of things at the bottom. Howard says his pastor gave it to him.

1:15 PM BBT: McCrae and Amanda take a dip in the pool and we admire Amanda’s tramp stamp back tattoo.

Untitled-3 copy1:20 PM BBT: Kaitlin tells Andy that Helen and Elissa told her that GinaMarie is save and that she should be campaigning. This makes her feel very nervous that she might go home this week. Andy says that is news to him (liar) and that it makes him nervous too. Kaitlin says that Helen and Elissa are worried about Candice, Howard and Spencer and how the two guys are making deals with everyone. Kaitlin says she thought she was a pawn when she was put on the block. Andy tells Kaitlin that she needs to chill out and not act so cocky and stuff because she is painting a bigger target on her back.

2:20 PM BBT: Judd gets his Head of Household camera and runs around taking pics.

3:05 PM BBT: Candice and Howard both agree that if either of them win Head of Household, they will probably put up Amanda and McCrae together.

3:15 PM BBT: Elissa slams Howard and says he has been using his “religion” as a game play tactic. Andy and McCrae innocently laugh about something totally unrelated to Elissa but she thinks it is about her. She gets totally worked up over it and acts like a b*tch.

3:20 PM BBT: The HouseGuests go into an inside lockdown and have to go up and stay in the HoH room. We hope it will be for an endurance competition build for Thursday’s Head of Household Competition. But they are let out of the lockdown and they are allowed back out in the backyard where they find a horde of rubber duckies in the pool. There are 20 in the pool and 5 in the bathroom. They are all trying to figure out if this is some sort of game clue for the HoH comp.

Untitled-4 copy4:20 PM BBT: Elissa and Amanda are weirdly crouched in the HoH bathroom shower whispering about Howard using religion as part of his game play and how rude and offensive that is. Elissa says she wants to talk to production about sending her home because she should have to be subjected to “defamatory” something because the feed goes to fish.

4:40 PM BBT: Completely reversing her earlier stance that she wanted Aaryn to stay on her toes, Helen blabs to Aaryn that she is safe this week and Kaitlin will be evicted. Why? Because Helen CANNOT stop talking and STFU. Helen says they have the votes to keep Aaryn but no one needs to know about this except the people who are working with her on the deal. She goes on to detail that this means Elissa, McCrae, Amanda, Judd and Andy — basically telling Aaryn exactly who is working together with whom. (Helen can be such an idiot for such a smart woman.) Helen says they don’t want Aaryn to throw the HoH comp like she offered to do, they want her to try to win it. If she does, then Helen and her allies want Aaryn to put up Spencer and Howard. If she doesn’t win it, they will expect Aaryn to help them get those two out. Aaryn says okay. Helen says not to tell GinaMarie or Kaitlin about it or Spencer, Howard or Candice until the day of the vote. Aaryn just keeps saying okay and nodding. Helen says they will keep acting like they are going to vote Aaryn out but she will stay. Helen says she knows that Kaitlin is coming after her so they need to get her out. Helen leaves and Aaryn dances around the pantry in her cowboy hat like she just won the lottery. (She did.)

5:50 PM BBT: Amanda tells GinaMarie she is totally safe this week and probably will not get any votes against her.

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds Report: Tuesday Evening, 7/23/2013

6:10 PM BBT:  Elissa goes after Howard again about using his “religion” to further his game. She wonders if he is just playing up being so religious for the cameras and the game.

Untitled-5 copy7:35 PM BBT: Elissa spills to Kaitlin that the house is flipping the vote against her, basically defying everything Helen and her other allies said about NOT telling Kaitlin sh*t. Elissa says the house is against her because they think she is in a secret alliance with Spencer and Howard. She says she needs to figure out what is going on and confront people for the truth or she is going to go home. Elissa says she needs to do it in front of everyone, including Aaryn.

Elissa says she will be so upset if Kaitlin goes home and they are all trying to blindside her. Kaitlin tells Elissa that she will talk to people but says that the HGs are Elissa’s “minions” and they follow her around and are going to do whatever she says. So it is really her decision. Elissa is like, what? No one is going to do what I tell them. Kaitlin says everyone does what Elissa says. Naturally, Elissa is totally confused and like, no they don’t. Elissa says she wants Kaitlin to stay, unless she is working with Spencer and Howard. Kaitlin says she would never work with them, they betrayed her when she was in an alliance with them and Jeremy.

Aaryn hears Elissa tell part of this stuff to Kaitlin and runs off to tell EVERYONE that Elissa can’t keep her mouth shut. Aaryn is terrified that Elissa is going to f**k everything up and she will end up going home. Aaryn leaves and McCrae tells Amanda that Elissa is a loose cannon.

Untitled-10 copy7:40 PM BBT: Aaryn tells Helen about what Elissa said to Kaitlin, saying that she was spreading a rumor that Kaitlin had a deal with Howard and Spencer. She wants to know why Elissa is trying to turn the house on her. Helen says she doesn’t understand what Elissa is thinking and she better not screw things up. Helen goes and tells McCrae and Amanda what is going on and Amanda wants to know what the f**k is wrong with Elissa.

7:45 PM BBT: Kaitlin tells Aaryn about talking to Elissa. Aaryn says she about sh*t her pants hearing what Elissa was telling her. Kaitlin says that Elissa was asking her about having a final deal with Howard and Spencer and she said no. Kaitlin says that Elissa told her someone was going around saying she did and that she thinks Aaryn has been telling people that. Aaryn leaves and GinaMarie comes in. Kaitlin says that Elissa told her Aaryn had been saying Kaitlin had a final deal with Spencer and Helen but she thinks it is Candice doing it.

7:55 PM BBT: Elissa talks to Judd and GinaMarie about Aaryn and says she is a horrible person, she makes racist comments, etc. Helen comes in and wants to talk to Elissa. Elissa blows her off and keeps talking to GM about Aaryn being so derogatory and nasty. Helen goes to Judd and Andy and doesn’t understand why Elissa won’t talk to her. Back over to GinaMarie and Elissa, GM is laughing because she heard she’s supposedly in an alliance with Howard, Spencer and Kaitlin. Helen tries talking to Elissa again. Judd comes back in too. Helen basically lays it all out with Aaryn telling them about her conversation with Kaitlin. Elissa says she wants to know the truth about Kaitlin and if she has an alliance with Spencer and Howard. Elissa says she thinks Aaryn is lying about everything.

GinaMarie asks how Aaryn would know about any secret alliance if she wasn’t even in it. Elissa says Aaryn doesn’t know what the hell she was saying to Kaitlin and she is just stirring up sh*t. Elissa says Aaryn is a huge liar, liar, pathological liar, and a liar. Helen wants to know why Aaryn would make all of that up. Elissa says Aaryn probably heard her talking to Kaitlin and just made up this whole story because she is crazy. Judd says Elissa is being very defensive and Elissa says that is because people are saying things she didn’t do.

Untitled-11 copy8:05 PM BBT: Aaryn and Elissa get into it with a sweet little catfight in front of Helen, Judd, Howard, Spencer, GinaMarie and Andy and go back and forth for a bit about who is lying about what in regard to Kaitlin having an alliance with Howard, Spencer and GinaMarie. Definitely worth a rewind on the Big Brother Live Feeds! (If you can’t find it at 8:05 PM, try at 5:05 PM or 11:05 PM, times are weirdly showing off for some people.) The b*tch fest evolves into a roundtable discussion about whether or not Kaitlin is in a secret alliance with Howard and Spencer or not. The smack talk between Elissa and Aaryn continues throughout.

8:40 PM BBT: Andy tells Helen that Elissa is dangerous and they need to get her out soon because she’s too much of a loose cannon. Helen is mad as hell about Elissa running her mouth and says that she could have ruined everything. We think the Mom Squad final 2 deal has just imploded…

8:45 PM BBT: Helen, Amanda and McCrae talk about being pissed off about Elissa talking too much. Helen says the plan to get out Aaryn is still happening but everyone is now seriously pissed at Elissa.

9:00 PM BBT: Adding to the people angry at Elissa is Judd, who says Elissa threw him under the bus when she called him a liar in front of other HouseGuests.

Untitled-12 copy10:40 PM BBT: Candice, Helen and Jessie are talking in the hammock. Helen tells Candice about the whole confrontation between Aaryn, Elissa and all that. Candice says Amanda told Elissa about Kaitlin being in an alliance with Spencer and Judd, even though it was actually Helen who originally said that.

10:50 PM BBT: Amanda asks Jessie if Candice is putting all the blame on her about the whole Kaitlin secret alliance rumor and Jessie says yes, she is. Amanda wants to get in Candice’s face but Jessie and McCrae tell her not to. She’s not letting it go though.

11:15 PM BBT: Amanda goes to confront Candice and Kaitlin about what they’ve been saying about her behind her back.

11:35 PM BBT: Amanda says after Kaitlin goes home this week, it’s time for Elissa to be voted out next.

11:40 PM BBT: Amanda says the reason why Candice doesn’t like her is that she could steal Howard if she wanted him. Then she thinks about her showmance boyfriend and apologizes to McCrae. He’s like, whatever, she should totally throw herself all over Howard.

11:55 PM BBT: Kaitlin says that she doesn’t want to be blindsided and wants to know if she is going to be evicted. McCrae tells her he would say so if she was going to be voted out. (But he doesn’t and he knows she is.)

* Right now it still looks like Kaitlin is on the way out but not everyone is totally comfortable with the idea (Elissa being one of those, obviously). There are still a couple of days until the eviction, so we aren’t counting Kaitlin out yet.

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