Three weeks ago, America voted to give Jessica Graf the final reward from the Den of Temptation.  Jessica was granted the Halting Hex, a power unlike any others used before in the Big Brother house.  Jessica had the option of using the power of the hex last night thus thwarting the live eviction, or Jessica could have followed through with her deal with Paul Abrahamian.  That deal would have sent Cody Nickson home last night during the live eviction.

Big Brother 19 Jessica Graf

Julie Chen opened the show by sharing with viewers that the mere threat of Jessica’s hex made this past week one of the most explosive and dramatic weeks in Big Brother history.  The drama that unfolded between the houseguests was unparalleled.  Most of the drama that unfolded was between “Jody” and the rest of the Big Brother house.

After Paul dropped the bombshell on Jessica about Cody’s week two plan with Matt Clines, Jessica beat feet directly to Matt for verification.  When approached by Jessica, Matt refused to answer her questions directly simply stating that the information was no longer relevant to game of Big Brother.  Not satisfied with his response, Jessica went directly to Cody for information.

Big Brother 19 Cast

When Jessica approached Cody, she came at him questioning if her family would like or dislike Cody and the way he has treated her in the Big Brother game.  Finally, Jessica confronted Cody with the information she was given by Paul.  Cody absolutely denied the information as true and walked away from the conversation.

Big Brother 19 Conflict

While Jessica was approaching Matt and Cody about Paul’s bombshell, Paul was running around the Big Brother house trying to gather approval for the deal he wanted to make with Jessica.  Paul asked Jessica what exactly she would want in return for not using the hex this week therefore sending Cody home.  Jessica wanted guaranteed safety from eviction for two weeks and also a promise that Alex Ow would be evicted regardless of who won Head of Household (HOH).  Paul was trying to plead his case to all of the houseguests so that he could make the deal with Jessica and send Cody out the door once again.

At the Power of Veto (POV) meeting, Jessica nor Cody made any attempt to sway Paul into using the POV to save them from eviction.  Not surprisingly, Paul decided to use his POV to save Jason Dent.  Paul wanted to ensure that Jason did not go home with so much uncertainty in the Big Brother house this week.  Paul’s decision came as no surprise to the houseguests.

Big Brother 19 Power of Veto

After the POV meeting, the drama inside the Big Brother house hit an all time high.  A simple misunderstanding sent Jessica into a tail spin.  This all began by Jessica accusing houseguests of stopping their conversations whenever she entered a room.  Jessica specifically targeted Raven Walton with these accusations which Raven took very personally.  Raven insisted to Jessica that she, Kevein Schlehuber, and Jason were not talking about her when she came into the bedroom.  Jessica was not the least bit convinced.

Big Brother 19 Cast

As Jessica expected, Raven immediately went to Paul with the news about their disagreement.  Once Paul confronted Jessica about the altercation, all bets were off with Jessica helping to send Cody home this week.  Once Paul knew that Jody were public enemy number one again, Paul unleashed Josh Martinez to irritate and aggravate them to an extreme.  Josh announced that it was circus time while wearing his green tutu.  Josh proceeded to march around the house, like a meatball, banging his pots and pans while singing the circus song.  He didn’t get the reaction he was hoping for from Cody.

Big Brother 19 Meatballs

Once Alex accused Jessica of hiding her cat ears earlier in the Big Brother game, the entire house erupted against Jody.  Many of the houseguests made crude remarks to both Cody and Jessica.  All the while, Josh was running around the backyard with pots and pans, where Jody were trying to chat.  The houseguests behavior towards Jody should at the very least be questioned as potentially rough and a bit on the bullying side.

At the live eviction, Jessica announced that she would be using the Halting Hex.  For the first time, all of the houseguests were educated as to the exact power of the Halting Hex.  As anticipated, the live eviction was immediately called off and no one was evicted from the Big Brother house last evening. Jessica, in particular, seemed to have an incredible cocky air about her once the power of the hex was revealed to the group.  One can only assume that she wasn’t certain the houseguests believed her Halting Hex was real until this point.

Once the live eviction was cancelled, the next HOH competition was played.  This week’s HOH competition was called Gravestone Golf.  The houseguests had to putt an eyeball down the graveyard course into numbered slots ranging from 1-35.  The houseguest with the highest score after one round won HOH.  The scores were as follows:

  • Matt scored a 6
  • Alex scored a 2
  • Mark Jansen scored a 15
  • Jason scored a 15
  • Cody scored a 21
  • Christmas Abbott scored a 21
  • Elena Davies scored a 13
  • Jessica scored a 2
  • Josh scored a 23
  • Raven scored a 13
  • Kevin scored a 6

Big Brother 19 Meatballs

Josh won the HOH competition and now holds all the power.  Don’t forget that the Temptation Competition and the Power of Veto will both be played this week which can change the game instantly.  Stay tuned to se who Josh nominates to the block for eviction this week.

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