The Big Brother 19 stage was set by this week’s Head of Household (HOH), Paul Abrahamian sought revenge on his nemesis Cody Nickson.  Paul nominated Alex Ow and Josh Martinez as pawns, and Ramses Soto placed himself on the block to fulfill the curse obligation that was placed on him last week.  After Paul won the Power of Veto (POV) competition, Paul’s plan to backdoor Cody is going off without a hitch.  Paul has had complete control of the Big Brother house this week, and Cody’s days in the house seem to be numbered… to just one.

Big Brother 19 Paul Abrahamian

Although Paul has been controlling all of his minions this week, one of the outcasts in the Big Brother house almost derailed Paul’s plan to backdoor Cody.  Paul specifically instructed this POV participants to simply not perform well  in the POV competition, but Ramses Big Brother paranoia almost got the best of him. In the end, Ramses lost the POV competition by a slim margin, and that loss came with a hefty price.  He is now on Paul’s short list for eviction, and Paul seems to be calling all of the shots in the Big Brother house right now.

Christmas Abbott was voted by America to be tempted with the Big Brother Ring of Replacement, and she had to select three houseguests (HG) to receive the consequence of her acceptance of the temptation.  Soon after the nominations were revealed, Cody, Jessica Graf, and Jason Dent were alerted that they were selected to receive the curse from the Den of Temptation.  Their curse was called “VeToad:” all three houseguests were forced to dress in frog costumes for the rest of the Big Brother week.

Big Brother 19 VeToads

Big Brother 19 Cursed HGs Show Off Their VeToads Costumes

In addition to wearing the frog costumes all week, Cody, Jessica, and Jason must hop like frogs, rather than walk, everywhere they go in the Big Brother 19 house and in the backyard.  The three must also stay on their designated lily pads, which are placed in each room of the Big Brother house.  The only time they are allowed out of their frog costumes are when they are in the pool swimming or showering.  This should be a hopping good time for the three VeToad houseguests.  Ribbit, ribbit.

At the POV selection ceremony, things fell right into place for Paul again.  As long as Cody and Jessica were not randomly drawn to compete in the POV competition, the backdoor plan would proceed according to plan.  If Cody or Jessica were selected to play in the POV and had won the competition, Paul would not have been able to pull down Alex or Josh, and then put Cody on the block for eviction.  Paul, as HOH, drew Elena Davies and Matt Clines to compete in the competition with himself, Alex, Josh, and Ramses.

The POV competition, “A Trip Around the World,” was held in the Big Brother backyard.  There were five destinations that the HGs must visit and answer a question at each stop regarding details on the terminal for each destination.  If the houseguest answered the question correctly, their flight was on-time, and they proceeded to the next destination.  If the player answered the question wrong, their flight was delayed and must complete a challenge before moving on to the next destination.  The Big Brother 19 houseguest that traveled around the world, and visited all five destinations with the fastest time, would win the POV.

  • Josh finished in 7:48
  • Ramses finished in 7:44
  • Elena finished in 22:35
  • Matt finished in 11:32
  • Alex finished in 16:38
  • Paul finished in 4:37
Big Brother A Trip Around The World

Big Brother A Trip Around The World

Paul won the competition but he was still furious with Ramses for finishing in the second fastest time.  Paul was sure to let his feelings be known to Ramses about the situation, and Ramses swore to Paul that he did not try to win the competition.  Paul no longer trusts Ramses and considers him a “snake” in the Big Brother house.  If Paul’s superior control continues in the Big Brother house, Ramses should be evicted soon, unless he finds some reason to keep him in the house for Paul’s game benefit.

According to plan, at the POV ceremony, Paul used the veto to remove Josh from the block.  Once Josh was removed, he replaced him with none other than Cody.  There was no surprise there.  Josh took the opportunity to tell Cody exactly how he felt about him, and with his previous lies and betrayal to his own alliance.  Big Brother teased viewers with tonight’s episode featuring an explosive fallout from the POV ceremony.

Big Brother 19 Josh Martinez Shares His Thoughts

Big Brother 19 Josh Martinez Shares His Thoughts

Join us again tonight for the new Big Brother 19 Head of Household winner reveal, and to see if Cody really leaves the Big Brother 2017 house. Then check back tomorrow morning for a recap of all of tonight’s Big Brother 19 events.

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