Today is the 7th day of the Big Brother 19 Live Feeds. It’s been one heck of a Big Brother week: we witnessed fractured alliances, frolicking showmances, and players in a frenzy searching for votes. It may have only been a week of Live Feeds, and two weeks for the houseguests, but it feels like week 10 in the Big Brother 2017 house.

Big Brother 19 Christmas Abbott

Yesterday, the 6th day of Big Brother Live Feeds felt rather calm compared to the storm coming tonight. We have our suspicions about how this second Big Brother eviction will go, but this cast is very unpredictable. One way or another, someone gets blindsided tonight by the votes.

Need to catch up on the Live Feeds action before tonight’s first Big Brother 19 live eviction of the season? We got you covered with our day 6 highlights.

Christmas Survives

Big Brother 19 Christmas Abbott Returns to House

Christmas Abbott left the Big Brother 19 house to go to her doctor’s appointment. The appointment revealed that she did break her foot. However, she chose to stay and continue to play Big Brother, but she’s being realistic about her winning chances. Christmas already gave her alliance members permission to vote her out as the first member of jury.

Christmas claims thhat now she just wants to help them get to jury and take out Cody Nickson. She then plans to just rest in the jury house and recover. It sucks that Christmas’ chances of winning Big Brother got a lot smaller, especially since she was one of our winner picks. However, her quest to ensure Cody’s game demise should provide some entertaining moments from Christmas before she leaves.

Ramses’ Sneaky Game Gets Exposed

Big Brother 19 Talk

From the start, Paul Abrahamian tried to make Ramses Soto a target. He started by lying about him taking the $25,000, and then he made it seem like Ramses may have also won the Den of Temptation prize.

People were believing Paul about Ramses’ sketchy behavior. However, all the drama with Cody made Ramses fade to the background for a few days. Today Ramses became a major topic of conversation.

Elena Davies, Christmas, and Dominique Cooper figured out that Ramses and Jillian Parker lied about seeing skywriting with Dominique and Mark’s names on it. This is making them want to get rid of him before jury (basically within the next three or four weeks).

Elena also told Christmas and Dominique about Ramses’ curse. They’re considering using it to get him out, but plan to play nice with him, so he suspects nothing.

Jessica and Cody Isolate Themselves

Big Brother 19 Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson

Acting bratty about their alliance betraying them, Jessica Graf and Cody spent most of their day locked up alone in the Head of Household room. While they made out and talked, their former alliance plotted against them.

The general consensus is to let Paul win this week’s Head of Household. He nominates Jessica and a pawn, and then backdoors Cody. The entire alliance agrees to do the same if they win HOH. Dominique just wants to flat out nominate both of them as initial targets, and then evict Cody.

Jessica and Cody still feel confident that Christmas leaves tonight. They then hope Jessica (or Alex Ow or Jason Dent) win HOH and takes out Matt Clines. They feel most betrayed by him. Right now, they have no clue Mark Jansen is no longer on their side.

The Dominique Show Continues

Big Brother 19 Dominique Cooper

Dominique and Kevin Schlehuber decided it’s best to make the Wednesday night shows all about the nominees. So Dominique interviewed Christmas and Jillian for the latest segment of her talk show. We don’t see Cody or Jessica agreeing to be interviewed, if they’re up next week, so this new tradition might end fast.

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