Paul Abrahamian has played a pretty flawless Big Brother 19 game, thus far. However, as he gets closer to the finals, he makes more reckless moves. This week, we witnessed Paul anger an ally by trying so hard not to make Big Brother 19 enemies. Lying to so many players is bound to catch up to him, and it might sooner than anyone thinks.

Big Brother 19 Paul Abrahamian and Jason Dent

Tonight, Paul will face the ultimate test of his greatness. If he navigates this week without any blood, Paul deserves more respect as a Big Brother 19 player. If he fails, he could find himself in danger going into the final five players and a double eviction.

We have officially hit a deadzone on Big Brother 19. We have people sleeping way pass the recommended hours, and not much gameplay going on during the day. However, despite the lack of events, we did have a few key moments from yesterday’s Big Brother 19 Live Feeds

Key Moments:

Big Brother 19 Jason Dent and Kevin Schlehuber

Kevin Schlehuber and Jason Dent discussed Paul’S game. Kevin clearly sees how the Big Brother 19 houseguests follow everything Paul says and does in the game. He had a candid conversation about how Paul is only out to help himself win the game, and others need to realize it. We doubt Kevin will make a move against Paul, but if Josh Martinez and Kevin compare notes, we may start to see the tides turn on Paul sooner than final 3.

Josh continues to worry about whether this week’s move really benefits him at all. Paul, however, reassured Josh that they will be fine. Paul believes his power over Alex Ow is so strong that he can convince her to target others before Christmas Abbott and Josh.

Raven Walton and Paul discussed her possibly throwinng this week’s Big Brother 19 veto competition to him. He wants to try to get Alex to throw it as well. If Paul yells ‘this is gumpy,’ it should key Raven into throwing it. Paul also lets Raven know that Josh and him will fake a fight after the eviction.

Big Brother 19 Christmas Abbott

Paul mentioned that if he happens to win the Head of Household, he wants to nominate Raven and Kevin so that Alex doesn’t try hard for the veto. Then he will remove Raven, and let the house vote out Alex instead. However, if this plan fails, he said the worst case scenario is that they have to get rid of Raven, which is not all that bad. However, Christmas disagreed. She said that it’s critical Alex goes this week.

Paul didn’t seem too worried about Alex staying. If Paul tries to save Alex (for some reason) during the double eviction, this might be enough to wake up Christmas. If Raven leaves, Kevin, Josh, and Christmas will be a little peeved at Paul. This might be enough bad will to start a ‘we must evict Paul’ brigrade.

However, let’s be real, we know there is no way that’s going to happen on Big Brother 19…or is it?

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