The Big Brother 20 Hive continues to make questionable moves. Even with only two players left on that side, they can’t seem to get it together. Both Scottie Salton and Haleigh Broucher told houseguests about the Hive’s jury pact. Angie “Rockstar” Lantry, Scottie, and Bayleigh Dayton agreed to vote as a unit.They will get all the Hive members to vote together.

Big Brother 20 Angela Rummans and Scottie Salton

This would mean that they would control either four or five of the jury votes. You only need five votes to win the game. Once Brett Robinson learned of this deal, he made sure to tell Tyler Crispen that they need to make sure that two of the four level 6 members make it to the end. This ensures that one of them wins, because the five Hive members may just vote for whoever is not a Level 6 member, even if they played an inferior game.

The other option, which Level 6 hasn’t thought of yet, is to make Haleigh or Scottie make it to the end with them, because then the Hive doesn’t control five votes, they only have four, and this would most likely also ensure a Level 6 victory. Haleigh originally told Level 6 to warn them about Scottie’s speech plan, and that he was going to use that to stay in the game.

Big Brother 20 Scottie Salton and Haleigh Broucher

Scottie later told Angela Rummans about it, and also how bitter the jury is towards her. Angela expressed concern about going to the jury house. She hoped to have someone else in there who liked her before she went to it. She worried there would be a divide even in the jury house. She hoped that everyone could let it go and just focus on non-game stuff once it was over.

JC Mounduix and Sam Bledsoe were a major topic of discussion yesterday. Both seem to have annoyed the other houseguests a great deal. Brett and Tyler talked about how JC was maybe throwing the competitions. Haleigh was just tired of Sam  making comments and actively working against her. She really wanted to win Head of Household and target Sam.

Big Brother 20 Final 8 Houseguests

Haleigh even made sure to tell Tyler this, to make her target smaller in his eyes. Scottie and Haleigh talked about how much it sucked being on the block together. Scottie hoped he would get a little time before ending up on the block again. Level 6 also worried about Scottie’s speech.

They worried that he would throw them under the bus. The houseguests got some Pop Tv basket full of skin masks and they got some booze. At midnight, the Have-Nots finally got to eat, and they had their usual big Saturday night feast.

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