At least I think it’s 46… I’m no mathematician.


“One-way ticket home.” Classic Chen Bot jokes.

Not that collective “aww” from the audience.

4 STOWAWAYS?! It’s like we haven’t realized there were only 12 houseguests!

Glad no one asked Bronte a simple mathematics question this time.

Corey… Facepalm.


If Michelle doesn’t quit talking about nutrition stuff I’m going to evict her myself.

So basically we’re going to have a season of showmances.

Paulie is literally Cody 2.0.


Thank god the sand is gone from the bathroom.

Does Bronte have Captain America shields on this knitted top?

Hey. Devin has a daughter. Incase anyone forgot.

Really Michelle? You see the Tiffany/Vanessa similarities but not Paulie/Cody?

Big Brother 18 Premiere 5

Julie making this first twist sound super creepy.


Oh awkward. RIP Haycole.

Big Brother 18 Premiere 4

I’m here for James scaring the crap out of everyone.

Was not expecting Da’vonne. At least she’ll stir up some trouble.

Not this sass, Paul.

Oh hey there Frank. Nice haircut.


Not gonna lie. I really wanted Rancey Pants to pop out of that trunk.

I don’t know that I would call this group of returners antiques. ¾ were in the house within the last two years. But that’s none of my business.

It’s okay, Paul. Bronte probably wouldn’t have gotten that math problem right either.


Big Brother 18 Premiere 2

I’m not sure how I feel about this team twist.

I’ve been to NASA Space Camp… This isn’t what it looks like.

James. We all know you picked Natalie because she’s hot. Don’t play.

Oh sweet Jesus. The sass on Da’vonne’s team. Buckle up everyone.

Ride the Rocket. Someone put that game namer in time out.

All of the innuendos. All. Of. Them.


Bronte and Natalie sitting on this nice furniture with their dirty booties. THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS!

Worst. Name. Ever. #teambaywatch

Sooooo we’re going to have some great alliance names this season (said with all the sarcasm I can muster).

Tiffany is already showing signs of paranoia like Vanessa. If she starts rocking a beanie 24/7 they better evict her ASAP.


When will they realize that they look more suspicious when they try to look less suspicious.

New drinking game: take a shot every time they call something cute.

I know these games are probably difficult in real life, but I really feel like I could crush this.

Glen is Gary/Jerry/Larry from Parks and Rec.


Does it count as a reputation to uphold if only one person in the house knows who your sister

is, Tiffany?

Chen Bot working this red dress though.


I bet they took the sand out of the bathroom just for this competition.

Budget cuts, ya know?

Da’vonne is going to pop Paul right in the mouth. And I’m here for it.

Big Brother 18 Premiere 2

Cream and speckled nonsense is the bane of my existence.

Glenn going diva mode because no one listened to him.

So, so, SO glad we get more Paul and Da’vonne drama. #teamanarchy

Prediction: Glenn goes bye bye, Nicole gets HOH.

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