It’s been a chaotic couple of days since our last update, so we’ve got you covered with the complex and ever-changing dynamics of the house going into a special 90 minute eviction episode tonight! Remember, one of Loveita or Kelsey will be returning as well!

Source: Global TV Canada

Source: Global TV Canada

Warning! There are spoilers below, please don’t keep reading if you do not want to know what might be happening tonight in terms of the eviction vote and the dynamics going into the next week of the game.

After the Power of Veto was used and Maddy was placed on the block alongside Dallas, all seemed set in stone with Tim adamant that Dallas be evicted this week. But it didn’t take long for things to change in this wild season where no vote is ever a done deal!

Cassandra and Nikki both had wanted to get rid of Maddy and keep Dallas in the game, so Cassandra in particular went to work talking to Phil and Joel in particular. She was also speaking with Dallas about the votes he could campaign for. Dallas was hard at work as well, campaigning to anyone who would listen while Maddy was in bed cuddling with Ramsey.

At some point it came to light that Maddy was considering backdooring the brothers during the double eviction last week. After hearing that from Jared and many conversations with Cassandra and Joel, the three of them along with Phil’s brother Nick were on board to keep Dallas in the game. Mitch was involved in these conversations as well as part of the middle of the house, but ultimately wanted to side with Jared and Raul in keeping Maddy.

Thus, Tim was someone who needed to be on board. The same Tim who was aggressively saying that if Cassandra and Nikki went against his wishes of evicting Dallas that he’d be done with them. But Cassandra worked her magic like she does.

Cassandra and Phil spoke to Tim and he eventually came around and decided that it might be for the best to keep Dallas. They all agreed that Dallas wasn’t after them since Jared and Raul are his targets and that there is no benefit for them to keep Maddy around. Plus, none of them really like her. Dallas was filled in and pleased to know that he’d likely be staying and that Maddy would be blindsided. But they still need one more vote locked in, Nikki.

At this point and all week, Mitch, Jared, Raul, and Ramsey have been set on evicting Dallas. Efforts have been made to convince Ramsey and Jared otherwise, but it fell on deaf ears. And once Mitch declared where he stood, people backed off convincing him despite his allies wanting to keep Dallas.

Nikki felt a lot of pressure being in this position despite wanting to evict Maddy all week. Tim had been giving her the run around and she was also upset when she saw Tim and Cassandra geting cozy. Mitch went to work on her to get her to keep Maddy and eventually was able to turn her against him. This morning, Tim and Nikki were arguing over her vote and she’s just generally been frustrated with the game.

In addition, Mitch and Dallas got into an argument and Mitch over-embellished about some potentially offensive jokes Dallas made and now Nikki feels that she needs to protect Mitch. She’s spoken to Mitch and Maddy today and seems to be on board with them. Though Tim has been at work trying to make sure she’s on board to tie the vote and let him send Maddy home in a blindside.

Mitch and Jared discussed sticking by Nikki and being the last people in her ear so that she sides with them and nobody else can corner her or get her alone to change her mind about what she’s going to do tonight.

With the entire fate of the house resting in Nikki’s hands, it cannot be predicted who will be leaving tonight only that it will be either a 5-3 vote or a tie unless people get wind of what’s going on and all flip to one side.

Not to mention, we still have Loveita and Kelsey trying to earn their spot back in the house and we have no clue how that might transpire! Don’t miss tonight’s special episode where a lot is sure to go down and the feeds after the show will be nothing short of spectacular. Make sure to follow @BigBroAccess for updates on all things Big Brother!


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