This week’s Big Brother 19 Power of Veto may mean nothing. Because Paul Abrahamian ended up nominating Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson for eviction. Jessica should use her Big Brother 19 Halting Hex to save either herself or Cody. This means Paul doesn’t get to get out his real target. He gets no one out of the Big Brother 19 house this week.

Big Brother 19 Julie Chen

Yesterday, Jason Dent attempted to take one for the team and stop Mark Jansen from winning safety with the Temptation Competition. It didn’t turn out well for Jason because he became the third nominee. Mark won safety.

Paul decided to try to flush out Jessica’s Halting Hex power by nominating them for eviction. He also wants to completely confuse them but they were both too angry to listen to him. It lead to a huge fight between several Big Brother 19 houseguests. During the confrontation, Jessica spilled a lot of information about the Halting Hex and its true powers.

After hearing about the power, Paul made an attempt to convince Jessica to let Cody be evicted for her game and the house. Cody got emotional and even mentioned the same thing to Kevin Schlehuber. He discussed getting Jessica off the block, and then letting himself get voteed out by the house again.

So Cody may not fight for the veto and let her win it, or use it on Jessica instead of himself. This would be good for Jessica’s social game, but the house would likely target her once Cody leaves.

A smart Big Brother player would realize this, but we have seen how many mistakes Jessica and Cody have made in the game.

So who actually won this week’s Big Brother 19 Power of Veto competition? And will they use it to save Jessica or Cody?



Big Brother 19 Storm Watch

Last night, Big Brother showed the houseguest a weather video. It was similar to the competition played last year that Paul won. They had to memorize weather reports. Paul’s team spent the evening studying for it, staying up way late in the morning. Jessica and Cody decided to get some rest.

Around 11am, the Power of Veto players were picked. Raven Walton and Kevin were picked to play in it, along with nominess Jessica, Jason, and Cody, and Head of Household Paul. Christmas Abbott would host it.

Jessica and Cody didn’t study or pay attention to the clues. Raven and Kevin told Paul they would throw it. So it would likely come down to a Jason or Paul win, and the odds were in Paul’s favor. He also told Jason he would use it on him. Then the houseguests would work on convincing Jessica that they wanted to work with her, just not as long as Cody was around. So that she wouldn’t use the Halting Hex.

In the end, the winner was….Paul Abrahamian!

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