The Power of Veto results almost always have a huge impact on the outcome for that Big Brother week. It can totally flip the house from one nominee to the other, or to a completely new target. This week’s Celebrity Big Brother Power of Veto may be the most important one of the season. It could save both Brandi Glanville and Ross Mathews.

Omarosa has made it public that she wants Ross out of the Celebrity Big Brother game. Not only did he nominate her for a eviction–and try hard to get her out the house–but he’s Omarosa’s biggest competition. She needs him out the game. However, Omarosa once again put her trust in the wrong hands.

James Maslow and Mark McGrath have been working overtime to flip the votes against Brandi. Brandi and James have had a rivalry all season, and it just seems to get worse by the hour. James believes that now is the best time to get out his biggest enemy and threat. He also knows Ross is better for his long-term game. The only big flaw in this plan is Omarosa.

The Power of Veto competition played out live Monday night, and going into the eviction, no one knew who would hold the power. Therefore, it was very risky for James to plot against Omarosa openly–if this got back to her, she could go back on her deal and nominate James.

Everyone knows James is a huge threat so he must go as soon as possible. With the Veto twist still unknown, Omarosa could have got the perfect ‘get out of jail’ free card that allowed her (or someone else) to nominate James.

So which Veto won the Celebrity Big Brother fan vote? And who won this power? Read below to find out.



The fans voted for the VIP veto, which means the winner can remove two people from the block, if they choose so.

“Invitation Only”-Houseguests had to put together a puzzle, and the first one to do it won POV. Ross got his in first.

Ross Mathews now holds the VIP power. He must decide to use it twice or once.

Ross uses the veto to save himself, and then Omarosa names Metta World Peace as the replacement nominee. Now either Metta or Brandi will go home tonight.

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