Big Brother 12: Nominations Episode – Week 7

On Sunday night’s episode of Big Brother 12, the Brigade alliance continues to fall apart while Ragan and Britney celebrate Matt‘s shocking use of the Diamond Power of Veto to save himself from elimination. Britney, the new Head of Household, now must pick the next nominees for eviction, but she’s been pushed around from all sides about who to choose.

Big Brother 12 Britney
Britney plans her nominations (CBS)

As Sunday’s episode opens, Matt worries over the continued degradation of the Brigade alliance. Lane and Hayden keep asking questions about Britney and Ragan, making Matt nervous that they no longer trust him at all and will try to get him on the block.

Britney Haynes Pageant Photo
Britney Haynes pageant photo

Britney leads the gang up to her Head of Household room, where we finally see a picture of her fiancé Nick – and a hideous photo of Britney as a pageant queen. Yikes! It’s like something out of Carrie on prom night. Matt calls it “bizarre, creepy, nightmarish” – which we agree with in spades!

Enzo is freaked out that he’s going to go up on the block and apologizes to Matt for backstabbing him by saying he’d vote against him in the last elimination round. Matt says in the Diary Room that he wants Enzo out and makes sure to remind Britney that Enzo has never been on the block.

Brendon still seems to think he has some kind of ‘safe’ deal with Britney. He corners her to confirm their deal is still on and tells her Matt and Ragan wanted her to be put up for elimination last round. He also threatens her with his vote from the jury if he is eliminated. Britney still hates him, it’s so obvious – we’re sure she’ll be putting him up.

In the Have/Have Not Competition, the Houseguests are forced to dress up like cowboys and outlaws and split into two teams of three: Brendon, Hayden and Enzo (Lawmen) and Matt, Ragan and Lane (Outlaws). Presided over by Britney – wearing a very skimpy cowgirl outfit – the Houseguests are forced to drink shots at a western-themed bar set up in the backyard.

Two of the shots given to a team are tasty, while one of them is a nasty, gross concoction. It is the job of the other team to pick which person got the nasty shot. Whichever team gets the most guesses right wins.

After a lot of drinking really disgusting things, Brendon, Hayden and Enzo end up on the losing end. Along with their slop for the week, the boys get bean dip and broccoli as their extra food from America. Talk about some nasty smells in the Big Brother house this week!

Hayden, Lane and Enzo continue to plot against Matt to get him put up for elimination. They approach Britney, but she’s hesitant about the idea of even putting him up as a pawn against Brendon. Matt being her buddy and all that. She goes to Matt with the idea of being a pawn and he is totally freaked out over it and says no way in hell.

Brendon still kind of thinks he has a deal with Britney, but is increasingly unsure. Enzo is very nervous about going up on the block because of his falling out with Matt. Matt, meanwhile, is afraid Britney will put him up even over his objections.

Lucky for Matt, Britney apparently has decided that he’s still a better ally than the other boys in the house. She puts up Brendon for elimination, of course – she’s pretty much been planning that forever. Instead of Matt, however, Britney puts up Enzo as the pawn against Brendon. During her nomination speech, she makes it very clear to the rest of the Houseguests that she wants Brendon out.

Now Britney, Enzo, Matt, Ragan and just about everyone else in the house just has to hope Brendon doesn’t win that Power of Veto yet again. If he does, it’s certain to throw the whole damn house into chaos!

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