Big Brother 12’s Official Site & New Commercial

Just when you thought it was safe to walk away from the computer, CBS pulls a fast one on us. Today CBS released a brand new commercial for Big Brother 12 and the brand new Big Brother website.

The new commercial is something we’ve never really seen in the past 11 seasons (check it out below). CBS has spent a little bit of dough and hired what looks like actors (slash pretty people) but could it be the new HG’s? Not likely. Probably actors. Let’s go with that. You can’t actually see the ‘houseguests’ in question, most of the shots are extreme close ups or a very blurred visual of them.

If I’ve learned anything from covering Big Brother over the past eleven seasons, the commercials usually mean squat. It is, however, very interesting the way this commercial was created. Like I said above, nothing we’ve seen before. They also debut a new title graphic for the series… but again means nothing. The promo department at CBS usually does whatever they want while the Big Brother production team rarely has a say in it.

Also on the super-duper-exciting front is that the new Big Brother 12 homepage at launched today. It’s very CBS-like. The structure is very similar to the main site but it’s a much nicer design. It’s got the beach theme we were talking about earlier. There’s no new information but it’s just another thing on the list that makes Big Brother super exciting every year!

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