Big Brother 13 Houseguest Profile: Daniele Donato

Daniele Donato and her father, Richard “Evel Dick” Donato, were cast in Big Brother 13 as one of three returning ‘duos’ from past seasons of the show. Daniele and her father were previous houseguests on Big Brother 8, on which Daniele won $50,000 as the runner-up for that season. Her father, Dick Donato, was the season winner and took home $500,000 for the top prize.

Evel Dick and Daniele Donato still remain the only family duo to ever take home the top two Big Brotherprizes in the same season. They are also the oldest (Dick was 44) and the youngest (Danielle was 21) winners. Although banned from splitting his prize money with Daniele, Evel Dick reportedly helped her with college tuition, bought her a car and took her to Europe.

Before being cast on Big Brother 8, Daniele Donato, a former Hooters waitress, and her father had allegedly not spoken for two years before coming on the show. During season 8, the two proved to be a fierce team, but never established much of a personal relationship. The two did seem to try a bit harder to establish a connection toward the end of the season and Daniele told her father she loved him during the last Head of Household competition.

During the show, Daniele hooked up with fellow houseguest and model Nicholas “Nick” Starcevic, which her father actually approved of. The two continued to see each other for a while after the show ended and even went out together on a double datewith Evel Dick and girlfriend Reanna Mae.

On Big Brother 8, Daniele Donato was a bleached blond and at one point was so skinny she looked ill. When she returned for Big Brother 13, Daniele showed off dark brown locks and admitted she had gotten down below 100 lbs during season 8 at one point while she was on slop. Thus, she really, really did not want to be a Have Not again and be forced to eat crap again.

While on Big Brother 8, Daniele Donato won two Head of Household competitions and five Power of Veto competitions. She was nominated for eviction four times. She and her father worked as an amazing team to keep each other in the competition until the very end.

Following the show, however, Daniele and Dick allegedly ceased speaking again at some point and reportedly had not talked to each other for years prior to being cast on Big Brother 13.

Daniele Donato hosts an old personal Twitter account here, but it is currently protected. She also has a newer post BB8 Twitter feed here, but Tweets are protected to approved followers only. She also used to keep a MySpace page, but announced she would no longer be using it in February of 2010. She also took down her personal website, although you can still find an old LiveJournal account here, the last entries being from way back in 2007. And another one here, but that one has been updated since July of 2008. Daniele has also kept her Facebook private, but you can follow her BB13 fan page here.

Daniele Donato is currently in college pursuing her Bachelors degree. She also formerly co-hosted Housecalls with Gretchen Massey until it was cancelled due to lack of sponsors. Before she entered the Big Brother 13 house, Daniele also co-hosted Rumor Control with Ragan Fox from season 12 on RealNetworks SuperPass as a lead up to the new season.

Because Evel Dick Donato the Big Brother 13 house before the first elimination round due to ‘personal reasons’, Daniel Donato received a golden key pass to the final 10. This means she will be automatically among the last 10 houseguests. However, she is not allowed to participate in any competitions to help out her alliance members until only the top 10 remain.

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