Big Brother 13 Winner and Final Results

The Big Brother 13 finale is currently underway and we’re bringing you the results live as they happen! This is it, the final push to the final two, where the Big Brother 13 jury will decide which houseguest will walk away with half a million dollars. Who will be the Big Brother 13 winner? Join us here as we rundown the final episode of the season!

WARNING! This post will contain SPOILERS about the final results of Big Brother 13! If you don’t want to know what happens, then please stop reading here! If you do, then keep on reading underneath our SPOILER alert below.

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Big Brother 13 Final Head of Household Competition – Round One

The houseguests are planted on a giant mixer above a tub of goo and made to spin round and round and up and down. Adam, groaning in horrid pain and cussing up a storm (which of course CBS doesn’t show us), is the first to fall off. Porsche manages to overcome her weak stomach for a while, but in the end she can’t beat out veteran endurance competitor Rachel. (More details on the round one competition here.)

**Rachel wins round one.**

Big Brother 13 Final Head of Household Competition – Round Two

In the second round of the final Head of Household competition, Porsche and Adam go head to head in an underwater challenge. Adam has a huge FAIL when he gets irritated with his goggles and ditches them halfway through. This helps him to lose badly to Porsche, who completes the challenge almost twice as quickly. (More details on the round one competition here.)

** Porsche wins round two.**

The houseguests in the Jury are talking about the final competitors. Brendon, Jeff and Jordan are all supporting Rachel, naturally. Oddly, Kalia seems to be as well, despite Rachel calling her a “cow” in her goodbye message. Shelly manages to get in another pissing match when she says that Porsche and Kalia didn’t do anything except play Daniele‘s game in the house. Kalia is not amused.

Big Brother 13 Final Head of Household Competition – Round Three

The final part of the Head of Household competition is now underway and as expected, it is a question and answer.

Round 1: Both Rachel and Porsche guess wrong.
Round 2: Rachel guesses right.
Round 3: Both Rachel and Porsche guess wrong.
Round 4: Both Rachel and Porsche guess wrong.
Round 5: Rachel guesses right.

**The competition is over and with a score of 2 to 0, Rachel has won the final round of the last HoH competition.**

Big Brother 13 Final Eviction

Despite momentarily looking like she was going to go back on her deal with Porsche and evict blondie, Rachel decides to stick with her final two pact and evicts Adam.

Adam is a funny boy. He tells host Julie Chen that if Rachel had not kicked him out he would have won in the final two so she made the right choice. The audience thinks this is amusing. So do we. But we do feel badly for the guy. The jury vote is up next, but honestly it already seems kind of a given how it is going to go down. Rachel and Jordan are answering questions and making final speeches to the jury now.

Amazing, Evel Dick and daughter Daniele Donato actually agree that Daniele ruined the veteran’s alliance. Evel Dick says Daniele should have waited until the newbies held the Head of Household so she could get Jeff out quietly. Daniele says she wanted to play with people she liked instead of being part of the veteran’s group.

Big Brother 13 Jury Votes

  • Brendon: Rachel
  • Jeff: Rachel
  • Jordan: Rachel
  • Kalia: Porsche
  • Daniele: Porsche
  • Shelly: Rachel
  • Adam: Doesn’t Matter

Big Brother 13 Winner

**Rachel Reilly is the Big Brother 13 winner of $500,000**

**Porsche Briggs is the runner-up and wins $50,000**

**Adam Poch gets squat.**

Big Brother 13 America’s Choice Winner

**America has voted and they have chosen Jeff Schroeder.**

Big Brother 13 may be over, but CBS has announced they have renewed our favorite drama-filled reality show for another season. Good choice considering the ratings they have had this year! So bookmark us and don’t forget to come see us again for Big Brother 14!


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