Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Live Feed Recap – Sunday, Week 3

Following an epic Coaches’ Competition, surprising eviction nominations, and a wow moment Veto Competition, the Big Brother 14 cast houseguests spent most of Sunday just trying to recover from a week of fast and furious game play.

Most of the Big Brother 14 cast houseguests took the opportunity to do a little relaxing, probably because half of them were still hungover from that wild party on Saturday night. Still, there was a fair amount of backroom game talk, and one very important possible shift in Head of Household Shane Meaney‘s plans for the upcoming Veto Ceremony.


This post contains Big Brother 14 spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds on Sunday, July 30. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

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12:00 AM BBT

Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin’ and his lead team player Frank Eudy are talking it up about their next game moves. Frank says Wil Heuser was making himself less likeable earlier during the sushi party by bad talking Britney. Frank and Boogie discuss the idea of trading Jenn Arroyo for Shane if he wins the next Coaches’ Competition. Frank thinks Shane would love to be teamed with them. They both think Jenn is lame. (Jenn is practically invisible, but she has at least pretty much guaranteed herself Jury House at this point by being invisible, quiet and in the background, hasn’t she?)

Boogie thinks Dan Gheesling doesn’t really care about what happens with his last player, Danielle Murphree, because he thinks he will be put into the regular game. Boogie does not think the coaches will join the regular game. He says for the short term, Dan wants to work with Frank’s team. Boogie thinks if they can get Wil out next week, they can hopefully get Shane out the next and Frank will have it in the bag. Hopefully they can make it so Shane is evicted even though Frank votes for him, to secure Shane’s vote in the Jury House.

10:10 AM BBT

Chef Joe Arvin tells Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin his desperate attempt plan to save himself from eviction this week. Joe tells Boogie a crazy story that he will volunteer to go home in two weeks, if he is kept safe for two weeks. Boogie, of course, thinks this is obviously laughable.

10:45 AM BBT

Mike Boogie talks to the cameras in the backyard about how Chef Joe must think people are stupid that anyone would buy into the “f**king snake oil” he is trying to sell. Veteran coach Dan Gheesling comes out and Boogie tells him all about Joe’s proposed plan. Joe comes back out and they shut up.

11:35 AM BBT

Boogie and his boy Frank Eudy discuss Joe’s desperation and his ridiculous ‘deal’ offer. They giggle at Joe’s expense. They want to hear him pitch the whole thing just for comedy. They think Joe is a dumbass.

12:10 PM BBT

Ashley Iocco teases Ian Terry that he’s over her, and he says he is not. Ashley and Ian do some crazy body ‘reset’ exercise by shaking all around. Cute.

12:40 PM BBT

Ian demonstrates he can indeed fit inside a tiny metal ball in the yard when dared to do so by Chef Joe and Ashley. Ian will pretty much do any crazy thing anyone dares him to. There is also a lot of discussion about how Ashley wants to see upside down penises. Yeah, you kind of have to watch it on the Big Brother live feeds.

12:55 PM BBT

Veteran team coaches Janelle Pierzina and Britney Haynes are chatting. Janelle says she probably will not return to Big Brother for the next All Stars edition if asked because she wants to have more kids.

1:55 PM BBT

The Big Brother 14 cast houseguests relax by the pool and show off their half naked selves for our enjoyment. I think it must be in their contract that they spend a specific amount of time each week either in their underwear, or in tiny shorts and bikinis.

2:40 PM BBT

Frank Eudy attempts to fit inside the same metal ball Ian did, to pretty damn hilarious results. Hop on the Big Brother live feeds and watch this one and laugh your head off.

3:10 PM BBT

Britney and Janelle joke about how Frank is way too crushy on Janelle, who is married with a kid. Britney says Frank thinks Janelle is like the perfect female specimen and Janelle says her husband is going to kill Frank if he doesn’t shut up.

3:30 PM BBT

Britney and Janelle talk about their vaginas. Seriously. Do these people sometimes forget they are on 24/7 cameras or do they really just not care if people listen to them discuss whether they need to have corrective vagina surgery after giving birth?

Team coaches Dan Gheesling, Britney and Janelle are chatting and they are all pretty much agreed that some kind of big twist will be announced this week. Janelle has really been pushing that it will be the coaches entering the game. That is most likely to happen, considering CBS has put it to the voters to do exactly that. Somehow it’s hard not to believe the veterans won’t go in, no matter what America votes… it just really seems like it was setup that way to begin with. I’d like to be happily surprised and see it NOT happen though.

3:45 PM BBT

Joe, Wil and Ashley are talking game. Joe says he is going to talk to Shane. Ashley thinks they should try to get him onto the idea of backdooring Ian because he migth be the only other person who can win an endurance Head of Household competition over Wil or Ashley. Janelle comes in. Joe tells Janelle Frank called her a whiny face. Joe thinks they should start whispering around Frank that Shane is going to backdoor him. Janelle tells them absolutely not. She tells Chef Joe to really work it like he’s already certain he will be going home. She’s still fighting hard for him though and he should not lose hope.

Meanwhile, Danielle Murphree and her crush boy Shane Meaney, are pretty certain the coaches will NOT be put into the regular game.

4:00 PM BBT

Shane tells Danielle they need to not be acting all showmance and shouldn’t even be seen being too close. (Shane is probably really hoping Danielle will just leave him the hell alone cause he’s just not that into you baby!) They agree that they have to keep their ‘3 Amigos’ side alliance a secret from their coaches.

4:20PM BBT

Chef Joe and Shane are up in the Head of Household room. Joe is campaigning like mad to get himself off the eviction block. He says he wants to stay in loger for his kids. He wants Shane to use the Power of Veto on him. He says Frank yelled at Janelle because she didn’t want to backdoor Shane. Joe says he would happily betray his own team and take them out. Joe wiggles, and begs, and cajoles and bloody well talks Shane’s head off. He is willing to make any kind of alliance deal Shane wants. He tries to throw his teammate Wil Heuser under the bus. Shane tells Joe he will think about it.

4:40 PM BBT

Danielle is telling Ashley and Janelle how the whole thing with Shane is just friends, they probably won’t kiss again, she hasn’t talked to her all day. MMhmmmm.

5:15 PM BBT

Shane talks to coach Dan Gheesling about his discussion with Joe. He says Joe was almost in tears. Shane talks about how Janelle gave him her wedding ring as a promise she wouldn’t stab him in the back. Dan thinks that is hilarious. Shane says he is considering a final deal with Frank and Danielle. Dan tells Shane he does not think Boogie can be trusted. Dan is pushing Shane to think of Boogie as the enemy. Shane says he doesn’t want to screw Dan over because he wants Danielle and him as final 2. They talk about how if Frank were put up on the block, they would absolutely have to be able to get him evicted or it would be bad, bad, bad. They discuss the votes for a possible backdoor of Frank. Dan thinks it’s the best move.

Britney comes in and Shane tells her he is thinking of backdooring Frank. Britney tells him if Frank is evicted, Shane would become the primary target and Wil will put him up if he wins Head of Household. Britney is still gunning to get Joe evicted.

5:40 PM BBT

Janelle tells Ashley and Joe it looks good that Shane may be using the Power of Veto to backdoor Frank.

7:00 PM BBT

Wil is talking to Britney and Shane. Wil wants to save both Ashley Iocco and Chef Joe, of course, so he’s playing any angle he can… including trying to argue that Ian is a huge threat and should be backdoored. Shane wants to know if Wil had a final 2 deal with Frank. Wil tells him that Joe said Frank wanted a final 3 deal with them. Britney says she thinks Janelle would crap herself if she knew Wil was proposing evicting Ian instead of Frank.

7:30 PM BBT

Shane wonders if working with Wil might be a good idea and talks to Ashley about it.

7:45 PM BBT

Danielle tells Britney and Shane that Janelle has been telling her to vote to keep Joe. She says Janelle is totally throwing Ashley under the bus. Shane tells Britney he is going to keep the nominations the same. Britney thinks there is no good reason to go after Frank right now. Danielle thinks Frank and Wil have a final 2 deal.

8:50 PM BBT

Britney and Janelle are shacked up again, and again talking about the coaches entering the regular game. They are absolutely convinced it is going to happen, and it is going to happen this week. Britney thinks she got coded clues from her husband about the coaches joining the game in his letter. Janelle and Britney need to keep each other close if the judges get dropped in to prevent the guys from taking over everything.

10:20 PM BBT

Joe, Wil and Janelle chat it up in the backyard about various game play scenarios for the future. They consider a hopeful future of putting up Frank and Ian, and then pulling a backdoor whammo on Shane.

1:40 PM BBT

Could it be all the talk of backdooring power player Frank Eudy has caused Shane Meaney to flip about what to do at the Veto Ceremony again? Apparently so because it seems he may have finally really decided to betray his deal with Frank and Mike Boogie by taking Joe off the block and putting up Frank instead. If he does that, and it doesn’t work to get Frank out, he is so screwed…

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