Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Week 1 Eviction Nominations!

Last night’s Big Brother 14 premiere was a minefield of twists and turns, which I think was a great way to start off the new season. The drama level of the Big Brother 2012 cast is already rising, and we have our first Big Brother 14 spoilers on the week 1 nominations to deliver to you now.

While viewers wait until Sunday for the next CBS Big Brother 14 episode, those of us glued to the live feeds are here to bring you the latest Big Brother 14 spoilers on what’s happening with the Big Brother 2012 cast houseguests. We’ve been scouring the Big Brother live feeds for you and we can now reveal who has been nominated for eviction for week 1. If you’re ready to hear the dish, just click the + sign under our spoiler alert banner below!

[spoiler name=”Spoiler Alert: Week 1 Eviction Nominations”]
On Big Brother 14 last night, Willie Hantz was named as the first Head of Household after his team, coached by returning veteran Britney Haynes, won the first Head of Household challenge.

Will previously stated one of his goals in the house was to keep the drama queens in the Big Brother 14 cast around as long as possible to keep the attention on them, rather than him. Could his first nominations for eviction reflect that strategy? After all, they do seem to be among the less dramatic, nicer players so far this year.

Big Brother 14 Week 1 Eviction Nominations:

Frank Eudy (Mike “Boogie” Malin‘s Team)
Kara Monaco (Dan Gheesling‘s Team)

If Kara were to be eliminated that would be harsh for Dan as it would leave him with only one player left after last night’s sudden eviction of Jodi Rollins. This is where alliances among the veteran coaches may turn out to have influence on the game. If Dan can make a deal with the coach of whoever ends up with Power of Veto, maybe he can get Kara off the block.

The Power of Veto players will be ShaneMeaney, Willie, Wil Heuser, Frank, Kara, and Danielle MurphreeJojo Spatafora will serve as the competition host.[/spoiler]

The Power of Veto competition should take place later today. We will bring you the Big Brother 14 spoilers on that as soon as we have them!

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