Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Willie Hantz Implodes After Coaches Competition! – Update

Big Brother 14 cast houseguest Willie Hantz exploded all over the Big Brother 2012 house this afternoon on the Big Brother live feeds following the results of the Coaches’ Competition. After loudly proclaiming he was going home, Big Brother 14 cast member Willie Hantz began yelling foul language, slamming doors and threatening violence against the other houseguests!


This post contains Big Brother 14 spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happens!

After the results of the Coaches’ Competition, Big Brother 2012 cast member Willie Hantz went absolutely ballistic on the Big Brother 14 live feeds. Big Brother 14 cast member Willie Hantz, brother to Survivor‘s Russell Hantz, totally lost it in the house this afternoon, stomping around the Big Brother 14 house and announcing he was about to ‘self-evict’ himself from the game with violence toward another player.

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In the Coaches’ Competition today, veteran coach Janelle Pierzina won the game and declared her team player, Ashley Iocco, safe from eviction. This move all but sealed Willie Hantz’ fate to be evicted in week two. Janelle also named Willie a Have-Not, along with JoJo Spatafora, Shane Meaney, and Ian Terry — although Ian actually volunteered from his team.

Before beginning his rampage around 3:35 PM BBT, Willie Hantz announced to team-mate JoJo Spatafora he had to “do what I gotta do” to take attention off of them. He said he was about to “act like a total bitch” to “make himself go down.” Willie then packed up his stuff to move to the Have-Not room.

Willie got his stuff from the music room to take to the Have-Not room; the feeds switched over to other players for a bit. Then you could hear what sounds like door slams again and a raised voice.

Willie was apparently slamming the Have-Not room door, nearly hitting Wil Heuser at one point, and got in Chef Joe Arvin‘s face way too close. Chef Joe told Frank and Boogie in the HoH that Willie was about to blow, almost broke the Have-Not door through the wall, was throwing s**t and hitting s**t. Frank says he heard Willie tell JoJo he was going to act “like a dick” all day.

Veteran team coach Janelle came in to the Head of Household room and told Joe, Frank, and Boogie that Willie was downstairs calling everyone bitches and raging that he couldn’t get into the Diary Room. The four of them were all smiling and joyful about it. Chef Joe said Willie was “going to crack.” Frank tried to find Willie on the HoH monitor.

Willie stopped to eat some pork rinds in the kitchen (the Have-Not food is pork rinds and pudding) and announced to team-mate Shane Meaney he was “about to get evicted.” Shane said “no, no you’re not,” and Willie replied, “yes, it’s happening.” He then said “there are a bunch of c**** up in this motherf**ker” and stomped around some more looking mad as hell. JoJo told him he could still win Power of Veto, and Willie said “no, I’m getting evicted.”

Willie’s team coach, Britney Haynes, came in and told him “no, you’re not, but you’re putting other people in jeopardy” and she would appreciate it if he stopped ranting. She said he’s going to take everyone down with him, and he replied they were already going down with him anyway. She told him to go terrorize the opposing houseguests upstairs in the Head of Household room. He said he was waiting for them to come down. He asked her several times, “You think I’m scared?” and then went running off camera to go up to the HoH room.

Willie tells Boogie, Chef Joe, Janelle and Frank to leave the people who voted for him alone, but they respond that those people chose to stay loyal. Willie tells them he is “going to get evicted… before I’m headed out that door” and he just wants to let them know. In other words, Chef Joe said Willie meant he was going to hit someone, get in a fight, and self-evict. Joe, Boogie, Janelle and Frank are just loving it big time.

Back downstairs, Willie said he was going to “knock somebody out, that’s what I’m gonna do!” Shane told him to keep his cool, finish out the game, win Power of Veto… something, just chill out. Willie is in no mood to calm down though.

After Willie’s ranting escalated to epic levels, the Big Brother live feeds cut out, leaving fans to wonder if Willie really did go after another houseguest with his fists. As it stands now, we’re still waiting on them to return, but we’ll bring you the latest as soon as they come back on. Will Big Brother 2012 cast member Willie Hantz be heading home today in a self-eviction?

Update: Major news! Willie Hantz is gone from Big Brother 14! According to what we are gathering from the Big Brother 14 live feeds, Willie Hantz got into a physical altercation (allegedly head-butting) with Chef Joe Arvin and was throwing things (allegedly pork rinds) at some of the other houseguests. He was then removed from the Big Brother house and will not return. Word is he will also be banned from the Big Brother 14 finale!


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