Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 86:Tommy’s Eviction Fallout

Prior to Tommy Bracco‘s eviction, Nicole Anthony and Cliff Hogg III debated who to take out between Holly Allen and him. They weren’t really making any progress on their decision, when Tommy finally woke up and they asked him about Jackson Michie‘s claims. Tommy denied it, but the more they talked to Tommy, the more they questioned him about the things that he didn’t tell them, like the full extent of his past with Christie Murphy.

Nicole was ready to call a house meeting about it all when the feeds cut until the episode aired. Nicole and Cliff were also listening to Holly explain what she thought about Jackon’s claims, while Tommy and Jackson were in the kitchen clearly ready for a battle.

When the feeds returned, Cliff admitted that Tommy leaving out details was one reason why they decided to vote in Holly’s favor. He also told Jackson that he told Nicole that he planned to keep Jackson this week over Holly. Cliff explained to Jackson that he wanted them to sit at the final two together, and that Nicole was wavering about keeping Holly, and it took him a lot of work to
At switch her to voting out Tommy. He also said that Cliff and Nicole had made up their minds the night prior, and not during the house meeting.

Holly admitted that she threw Head of Household to Nicole and that she could have stayed up there all night. It didn’t feel good to Holly throwing a Head of Household that she had been waiting to play.

After Nicole won Head of Household, we had another love fest between the final four. They were all saying how much they loved Nicole and how proud everyone would be of her. Jackson even said he was so happy to have met her and for them to become siblings. In a separate conversation, Cliff mentioned how Nicole had no clue how much love was waiting for her in the outside world.

Cliff told Nicole that he wanted to keep Jackson, and she said that was fine. They could all battle it out, but later she said they could discuss it more after the Power of Veto Competition.

At one point, Jackson broke down over feeling guilty about what he did to Tommy. He said that he wish Nicole and Cliff just stuck to their deal, so this never would have happened. Holly also mentioned that part of her deal to stay was to throw the Veto competition. Jackson apparently also made a deal but he wasn’t sure if it involved him throwing Veto, but he was worried that if it was the face morph competition, he wouldn’t perform well anyway.

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