Before the Big Brother Live Feeds went dark on Tuesday to prepare for the special surprise eviction, we had some last minute game talk about who would be the next HouseGuest to go to Jury. Both of the two players on the block were told repeatedly that they were safe but, of course, one of them was being lied to by everyone else. So no matter who got evicted on Big Brother 15 next, it was going to be a blindside.

Big Brother 15 Week 11 Tuesday Live Feeds Highlights (2)

If you can’t wait for the reported spoilers on which HouseGuest was booted out in the surprise eviction on Tuesday, we have those for you over here. Or, keep on reading for the last Big Brother 15 Live Feeds updates before the vote to find out where everyone’s head was at before the eviction took place. Plus… what’s this talk about Amanda Zuckerman suing CBS for defamation of character? Really?

12:05 AM BBT: Spencer can’t believe there are only eight more days in the house. GinaMarie asks him if next Wednesday is the last day and he says he knows it is.

Big Brother 15 Week 11 Tuesday Live Feeds Highlights (5)12:15 AM BBT: Spencer tells GinaMarie they should sit Judd down and tell him they are sorry about voting him out. (Except, they aren’t really supposed to tell HouseGuests directly that they are definitely being evicted, it’s against the rules.) Andy comes in and wants to know what they are talking about. (Paranoid.) They tell him they are talking about Judd. Feeds cut briefly and when they come back, Judd is with them and they are talking about their favorite and least favorite moments in the house.

(Just FYI for those catching up: Andy and McCrae are both planning to vote against Judd, so Judd is going to be toast in the surprise eviction.)

Judd says his favorite was the day they got Amanda and Elissa out in the double eviction. His least favorite was day two in the house when he was really sick and felt like he missed getting to know everyone better.

Big Brother 15 Week 11 Tuesday Live Feeds Highlights (7)Andy says his favorite was the day they evicted Amanda and Elissa. His least favorite was when Aaryn won Head of Household on day 13 and he was so close to winning it.

Spencer’s favorite day was when he won Head of Household. His least favorite was when he won the Power of Veto and there was all the drama about who was Most Valuable Player and put up Amanda on the block. He talks about how McCrae threatened him that if he didn’t win PoV he was going home. Judd and GinaMarie are amazed at McCrae’s arrogance.

GinaMarie, of course, thinks her worst day was when Nick was eliminated. Her best days were when she won her first Head of Household and the day Amanda and Elissa were evicted.

Big Brother 15 Week 11 Tuesday Live Feeds Highlights (6)Spencer also thought it sucked the day Jeremy went around spilling about the Moving Company and trying to make deals to save his own skin. Andy says it was a bad day when Aaryn caught him talking to Elissa and Kaitlin told him he might go home for that. Judd says another of his worst days was when McCrae won the Power of Veto and saved himself from going to Jury. Judd says he’s nervous about going home and doesn’t know what to expect. Judd gets called off to the Diary Room.

While Judd is away, Spencer, Andy and GinaMarie talk about a possible Head of Household Competition later in the day. GM says she is going to kick a** in it. Spencer can’t play, so he says it is all up to her and Andy to keep the three of them safe. Judd and McCrae join them and Andy goes to bed. GM says the first thing she is going to ask Nick after the show is “where’s my kiss f**k face? … you better tip me over and there better be fireworks … cause if there’s not I’m going to kick him in the balls.” Everyone laughs and Judd says maybe she should not do that. GM says “he better kiss me.” McCrae and GM leave.

Big Brother 15 Week 11 Tuesday Live Feeds Highlights (9)12:45 AM BBT: Spencer talks to Judd about his psuedo sort-of ex-maybe girlfriend Marilyn and how they broke up for a month during the casting process for the show. Spencer varies between saying Marilyn and him are together, they are on a break, they broke up, whatever. It gets tired. Judd says he hopes that people don’t hate them and love McCrae because they all got Elissa voted out. Spencer says he doesn’t care what the Brenchel Army thinks and they can all go off themselves.

Judd says he is friends for life with Spencer, GM and Andy. Spencer says the only people he wants to talk to after the show are Judd, GM, Andy, McCrae and Howard. They talk about how Amanda was cute at first but just kept getting less attractive all season because of her personality. They smack talk about her, Helen, Elissa, etc. for a while before going to bed.

Big Brother 15 Week 11 Tuesday Live Feeds Highlights (16)9:05 AM BBT: The HouseGuests are up and awake early, which means they probably all are pretty sure it will be a special day today. Andy is painting a blue duck at the kitchen table. McCrae says Amanda will never, ever work with CBS again. Spencer says he heard that Amanda is planning to sue CBS for defamation of character. McCrae says she threatened that a bunch but he thinks she really means it now. Random chatter about stuff like Aaryn drinking nail polish and the Diary Room wanting to know why she did it. They are apparently waiting for production to give them “fun activities” to do.

9:15 AM BBT: Andy’s duck, now blue and orange, gets dropped on the floor but it is okay. Spencer says his duck is ugly but Andy says ugly ducklings turn into swans.

9:30 AM BBT: GinaMarie paints a pink pig. The Final Five chat about random stuff around the kitchen table. They make up fake stuff about what previous HouseGuests said, like Elissa saying she pooped her pants and eating it in a closet.

Big Brother 15 Week 11 Tuesday Live Feeds Highlights (17)9:55 AM BBT: The hamsters are in the living room and joking about how it is supposed to be nighttime because they are taping for Big Brother After Dark to show Tuesday night instead of the usual live feed. Spencer says he thinks something is up with McCrae. Andy thinks he is just nervous about the next HoH Competition. They smack talk about Helen being insane, Jeremy being Jeremy, and Elissa dissing GinaMarie and Aaryn.

10:40 AM BBT: Diary Room leak with Judd saying he is doing great and “can I get the other one around 4?” Possibly talking about meds maybe, like painkillers possibly. All the HouseGuests are banged up right now.

11:00 AM BBT: The Big Brother Live Feeds go to trivia and will stay that way until after the show on Wednesday night.

Can’t wait until the show on Wednesday to find out who was voted out in the surprise eviction on Tuesday and who is the new Head of Household? We have the Big Brother 15 spoilers for you over here!


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