Big Brother 2013 Amanda ZuckermanEvicted Big Brother 15 HouseGuest Amanda Zuckerman has been in the Jury House for a week now. That’s plenty of time to stir up some serious drama with the other Jury members. According to an unconfirmed report, that’s exactly what she’s been doing. Amanda was known as a “bully” inside the Big Brother 2013 house for her treatment of Aaryn Gries, Elissa Slater, Candice Stewart, Jessie Kowalski and, well, all the other players pretty much. Looks like she may be continuing that behavior inside the Jury House as well.

According to a report by, Amanda Zuckerman has allegedly been bullying her fellow outcast Big Brother 15 cast members to vote for her showmance boyfriend McCrae Olson. We don’t know where exactly they are getting this alleged information about what is happening in the Jury House but if true, it wouldn’t surprise us one bit. Amanda was used to getting her way on the show by intimidating and threatening the other players. There is no reason to suspect she wouldn’t keep right on doing that once she was sent to Jury.

Supposedly, Amanda is not only pushing the other Jury members to vote for her boy toy to win Big Brother 15, she is trying to stir up as much trouble as possible to keep the spotlight on her and McCrae’s relationship. Why? Well, allegedly it’s all about the two of them moving on from Big Brother 2013 to starring in the next season of The Amazing Race. You know, like Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas did. CBS is infamous for reusing controversial or interesting reality TV contestants over and over… and over again.

We’re sure Amanda, who allegedly used to work for CBS and was hand-picked for BB15 by producer Alison Grodner, would love to continue her career in reality TV. We’re also sure she hopes that the Jury does vote for her lover to win if he makes the final two because she might get her claws into some of that half million dollar prize. It’s likely that she probably is continuing her nasty, mean, bullying behavior inside the Jury house. However, without some kind of solid source evidence for CelebrityDirtyLaundry’s so-called insider information, we’re taking this report with a huge truckload of salt.

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