Big Brother 18: Thoughts From the Double Eviction

What a wacky fun night we had with the Big Brother Double Eviction on Thursday evening! Not only did we have a full house revolt that totally changed the outcome of the first eviction, but the second live vote of the night ended up being a huge surprise for the eviction nominees involved!

Big Brother 18 Double Eviction (8)

So many tears (mostly from just one person). So much drama (which we absolutely love). And what the heck happened with Corey suddenly become this insane Double Eviction night competition beast and winning two challenges back to back? This was a show definitely worthy of some seriously random thoughts commentary from the peanuts gallery.

For example.

Michelle has the worst ugly cry in history.

Knowing there’s drama to be caught up on, plus all of the usual double eviction shenanigans equals stress for my couch sitting self.


Did Paulie seriously just flex his pecks during the PP convo? I’m done.

On behalf of America, James. We. Are. Ready.

Sometimes I think Paul is a ten-year-old trapped in a bearded body.


Too bad this is live. Production could’ve added that 50 Shades of Gray sound effect to Michelle’s hair toss.

Paulie is too obsessed with mirrors.

How awkward is Nicole? The limit does not exist.

Big Brother 18 Double Eviction (5)

I could go without hearing Bridgette’s voice, but even I must give her a round of applause for a job well done this week.

Chen bot is in rare form tonight.

Paulie looking nervous. Good.

I’d vote for Zingbot.

Oh where’s Bronte for this statistic competition?

Even Julie is annoyed with Paulie.

Julie, they’re too excited about Paulie being out to re-set.

Has hell frozen over? Corey won a brain competition?


Next thing they’ll tell me is that all of the ants are out of the house.

Seriously, no one is talking game to Corey. Big Brother 101. Talk to the HOH during a double eviction.

Corey just took the dadgum reigns. Hell has frozen over.


Big Brother 18 Double Eviction (7)

I would fail miserably at this Veto comp. I got stuck in a plastic ball pit when I was five. Bad memories, y’all.

Last minute strategy in this house consists of laughter. Shake my head.

These girls wanting to win comps because a dude they like won it in their season. Over it.


Did Michelle just run out to have a quick cry?

Maybe she just needs to take a quick nervous poo. We’ve all been there.


Not Michelle going full Kim Kardashian right now. Too bad she didn’t have that on video.

Good thing production does.


Instant tears from Michelle. Color me not surprised.


“I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative” Michelle. Probably.

Not Julie telling Michelle to take a breath.

Too bad Bridgette didn’t have the Round Trip Ticket. I would suck up listening to her for another week to see that rodeo go down.

“I have a messed up ankle and wobbly knee.” Bridgette successfully describing why it was stupid for them to evict her.


TBH I don’t care what Bridgette has to say. I want to see the hurricane of drama going on in the house right now.

Yes, Michelle. You get to see Zingbot. I cannot wait for that Zing.

Paul scolding Michelle is probably my favorite thing about this season.

Julie’s all “good night houseguests.” And I’m all like AS IF I COULD SLEEP NOW, CHEN BOT!

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