Big Brother Spoilers: Week 4 Roadkill Winner & Nomination [UPDATE]

The Big Brother spoilers are in from the Live Feeds for this week’s Roadkill competition winner. We were very eager to see who would win the challenge on Friday after the crazy live eviction show results last night. Especially after Paulie Calafiore won Head of Household for the second time, which meant that formerly huge target Frank Eudy could not be put up for eviction this week!

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WARNING: This post contains Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds that have not yet been shown on the CBS TV show, possibly including competition information or results, game play moves, alliances, showmances, etc. Please do not proceed if you do not want spoilers!

After the vote flip blindside eviction of Bronte D’Aquisto on Thursday night, the house was left in chaos as veteran Frank Eudy and his sidekick/puppet Bridgette Dunning tried to figure out what happened to their perfect plan to evict Tiffany Rousso. No one knows who to trust, and all the deals and alliances in the house are up in the air at this point.

Head of Household Paulie decided he still wants Tiffany out, despite agreeing to the plan to flip the vote and evict Bronte on Thursday night instead. (Although he personally still voted against Tiffany.) By not throwing the Head of Household competition, Paulie guaranteed that neither Frank or Bridgette could go up for eviction this week because they are all on the same team. Even though Paulie was just in the thick of the conspiracy to boot Frank this week! Everything is just crazy up in the Big Brother house right now!


Although Paulie is determined that Frank will not rule his Head of Household decisions the way he did with Bridgette, Paulie still nominated Frank’s #1 enemy (or is she? things are developing) Tiffany to the block once again. For his second nomination, Paulie was torn between putting up Natalie to give Paul a break from the block, or to put up Paul so he could be a strong contender against Tiffany for Power of Veto. In the end, Paulie decided to nominate ???? with Tiffany.

With Team Category Four totally safe this week, and Natalie and Tiffany already on the block, that leaves only Da’Vonne, Paul, Zakiyah, James, Nicole and Corey as possible Roadkill nominees. Unlike previous weeks, a lot could really be riding on who won the Roadkill challenge this week, and which houseguest they decide to put up as their nominee.

Big Brother Roadkill

It’s very possible with the house so seriously divided as it is right now that if the right person goes up against Tiffany, she might well escape eviction yet again — especially if she (rather insanely) ends up somehow making deals with Frank and Bridgette after that roasting pre-eviction ‘this means war’ speech she gave Thursday night.

After the Live Feeds returned from the Roadkill competition blackout on Friday afternoon, we quickly learned Tiffany won the challenge. It’s now very important for her to choose a nominee that could possibly be better vote bait than herself this week. Now that’s she’s collaborating with former enemy Frank, she seems to have wanted to talk to him immediately about the nomination but so far that hasn’t happened. Earlier she had said she might nominate Corey if she won.

UPDATE: Tiffany has gone ahead with her plan and put up Corey as the Roadkill nominee. The Big Brother Live Feeds are going hot and wild right now with everyone conspiring like crazy! You really want to get on there and get watching if you aren’t already!


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