Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 27 Highlights: Feisty Elena Comes Out

Prior to this week’s Big Brother 19 eviction, Mark Jansen and Elena Davies started to suspect that something might happen with this week’s Big Brother vote. Mark tried to reassure Elena that the vote would go as planned. He was very, very wrong. We saw how wrong he was when Ramses Soto left the Big Brother 2017 house before Josh Martinez.

Big Brother 19 Mark Jansen and Elena Davies

The main action from Thursday’s Big Brother 19 Live Feeds surrounded the aftermath of Ramses’ eviction.

Paul Tries to Calm the Fires

Big Brother 19 Jessica Graf, Cody Nickson, Joshh Martinez, and Paul Abrahamian

Following his Big Brother HOH win, Paul Abrahamian immediately tried to sell Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf a story about Ramses having the $25,000. He made up all kinds of excuses and lies about why he and the rest of the house voted out Ramses, and why they left them in the dark about the eviction.

He also claimed that this wasn’t the plan from the beginning of the Big Brother 19 week, and it just started to form organically at the last moment. Paul claimed to have no control of anybody else in the Big Brother house.

Clearly Jessica and Cody weren’t buying it. However, they managed to keep their cool and act not affected by the other player’s choice to save Josh. They acted more hurt about still being outsiders, despite all their efforts this week.

The True Outsiders

Big Brother 19 Elena Davies, Mark Jansen, Cody Nickson, and Jessica Graf

Elena found herself enraged by the fact that no one informed her of the plan to vote Ramses out of the Big Brother 19 house. At the start of the night, she kept her distance from almost everyone. Later, Elena has a brief talk with Paul, and then bonds more with Cody, Jessica, and Mark about being on the outside of the Big Brother game and house.

Cody even mentioned that the only good thing about all this is that it created more trust between Cody, Jessica, Mark, and Elena. Elena mentioned that she now plans to lie to everyone’s face and be fake nice with them. She wants revenge. We saw a very angry–and funny Elena tonight. Hopefully, she doesn’t get swayed back into being one of Paul’s minions.

The Nominations

Big Brother 19 Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson

Paul isn’t quite buying what Jessica and Cody are selling. He thinks there is a chance that they’re lying about the Halting Hex power. He wants to nominate them to call their bluff. Paul doesn’t realize that they can stop eviction on Thursday, so he might waste a week.

A more interesting scenario would involve Cody winning the new Temptation Competition and Jessica winning the veto. This gives Jessica and Cody an extra week to use the temptation. This also forces Paul to either go for Elena and Mark, or make two new enemies.

Other Notes

Big Brother 19 Cast

The rest of the feeds for the night basically revolved around the houseguests having a little fun, chatting, and sharing stories. Mark and Josh also tried to clear the air a bit.

In the last hour of the feeds, Paul got his new Head of Household room. We should be in for an interesting weekend of Big Brother 19 Live Feeds.

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