Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 32 Highlights: A Calmer Chaos

Compared to Monday’s explosive day, Tuesday’s Big Brother Live Feeds showed a very calm Big Brother 19 day. After the production team talked to the houseguests, everyone was careful to watch how they handled certain situations. It was still the Big Brother 19 house against Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson, but in a less hostile way.

Big Brother 19 Elena Davies and Paul Abrahamian

Some of the Big Brother 19 houseguests thought they could still convince Jessica not to use the Halting Hex. They wanted to stick with their argument that Cody being in the Big Brother house was bad for her game. The Big Brother 19 houseguests were mainly all talk, because the divide remained all day. No one made any real attempts to stop Jessica from using her Den of Temptation power.

Jessica is Still Ready to Go

Big Brother 19 Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson

Elena Davies and Jessica had a conversation where Jessica disclosed that she wants to leave the Big Brother 19 game before Cody. She asks Elena if she should tell the house this or hope it played out that way. Elena advised her to not tell the other houseguests because then they would intentionally go against her wishes. Later Elena revealed some of this conversation to Paul Abrahamian.

Coincidentally, Paul had already decided that Jessica needs to leave the house before Cody. He said that Jessica was the stronger one of the pair. Paul also believed that Cody would explode without Jessica, have no direction, and possibly even quit to be with her.

Kill Them With Kindness

Big Brother Cast

After the Big Brother 19 production team told the houseguests to cool it with all the taunting of Jessica and Cody, the house decided to try to be nice to them. Therefore, the CBS show edits couldn’t twist it to make them look like the bad ones. They also didn’t want to break any rules that could hurt their chances of jury.

The Big Brother 19 houseguests also discussed throwing the Head of Household to Josh Martinez this week. They wanted the hilarity of Josh being in power, and getting the chance to take out Jessica or Cody.

Paul and team also discussed possibly having everyone play in the Temptation Competition next week to hurt Jessica and Cody’s odds of winning it. Then later, Paul said it might be better if no one played in it but Jessica and Cody, to guarantee that one of them goes on the block.

Mark is Still in Danger

Big Brother 19 Cody Nickson and Mark Jansen

Christmas Abbott and Paul still really want to target Mark Jansen. They know that Jessica and Cody are the A and B plans, but Mark keeps moving up their radar. Chrismas also wants to go after Elena sooner rather than later.

They believe Elena and Mark are playing both sides by talking to Jessica and Cody, but claiming to be more loyal to Paul’s side.

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