Big Brother 21 Spoilers: Week 11 Block Nominations (9/06/19)

We’re down to the final five and Jackson Michie has secured his spot in the Big Brother 21 final four. Now it’s a battle to see who joins him in it. As per usual, the final four and three are determined more by competition wins than strategy. Whoever Jackson nominates this week doesn’t really matter because the Power of Veto determines who stays and goes.

Big Brother 20 Nominations

If Cliff Hogg III wins the POV, this means Nicole Anthony is likely to go on the block next to Tommy Bracco, and then it’ll depend on Jackson and Holly Allen to determine who they keep. Cliff has a vote but they’ll have the majority. If Tommy wins the Veto, then Nicole goes up next to Cliff, and once again, it’s up to Jackson and Holly. Tommy has a vote, but once again, the showmance has the majority. The only situation where Jackson and Holly lose a little power this week is if Nicole wins Power of Veto, removes Cliff from the block, forcing Holly up next to Tommy.

In that situation, we still expect Holly to stay over Tommy, but Cliff and Nicole might decide that like their chances against Tommy and Jackson over Holly and Jackson. However, most likely, Holly and Jackson have both secured their spots in the final four, so it comes down to a battle between Tommy, Cliff, and Nicole. The new foursome wants to get Tommy out this week, and secure their dreams of final four. All the drama and intrigue will occur tomorrow during the BB Comics Power of Veto Competition.

So who did Jackson nominate?



Jackson nominated Tommy and Cliff for eviction. Tomorrow everyone plays in the Veto competition and we’ll get a better picture of the Big Brother 21 final four.

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