Big Brother 23 Episode 30 Recap: BB Comic Week Continues

We are getting down to the end of the Big Brother 23 season with just a couple of weeks left to go. The Cookout alliance made history with getting all of their members to the end of the game. Now, they must turn on one another.

BB23 Tiffany Toes

The newest Head of Household, Kyland Young, took his first shot at his once allies when he nominated Tiffany Mitchell and Hannah Chaddha to the block for eviction. Kyland made it clear at the nomination ceremony that Tiffany was his target due to a loss of trust. Can Tiffany save her game by winning the Power of Veto before the electrifying second double eviction in a row scheduled for tomorrow night?

Week 10 Block Nomination Fallout

Kyland had no choice but to turn on his allies when only his allies became all that was left inside the Big Brother 23 house. Kyland had made an alliance with fellow Cookout members, Xavier Prather and Derek Frazier to go to the final three; however, he also made a final three deal with Tiffany and Hannah.

Kyland had to draw a line in the sand and pick one of his deals to follow through with and he chose the guys. Tiffany brought this on herself when she nominated fellow Cookout member Xavier to the block over her BFF Claire Rehfuss. This didn’t sit well with her alliance, and she is now paying the price for the decision.

Now that Kyland has played his hand, Tiffany and Hannah know that the guys are working together. If they weren’t, Kyland would have taken a shot at his biggest competition in the Big Brother 23 house…which is Xavier. He did not.

During a conversation with Azah Asasum, Hannah is certain that if Tiffany is evicted this week, she will be the target the following week. Hannah told Azah that she would most likely be the target after that leaving just the three guys in the house. Hannah can’t see a path to victory for herself with the way things are heading right now. Winning the Power of Veto this week is key for them to acquire some type of power in the Big Brother house.

Week 10 Power of Veto Competition

BB Comic week continues inside the Big Brother 23 house. This is the infamous BB Comics competition where all of this season’s houseguests are awarded a comic version of themselves. This competition never lets the fans down.

Houseguests will take turns, one at a time, ziplining past a room that houses the correct version of each houseguest’s comic book. After a quick look, the houseguest must choose the correct comic version for each houseguest and place the version on their laptop screen. Once they feel they have correctly identified each comic book, they will hit their buzzer.

If they have correctly identified all 16 comic books, they are finished and their time ends. If they are incorrect, they must figure out what they did wrong and correct it with the time still running. The houseguest that correctly identifies all 16 comic books in the shortest amount of time will win the Golden Power of Veto.

The times to complete the challenge for each houseguest are as follows:

Derek F.    14:05
Hannah     14:06
Xavier        20:56
Tiffany      40:00 (timed-out)
Azah          20:22
Kyland       11:44

Kyland won the golden POV and retains all of the power in the Big Brother 23 house this week. Tiffany is set on talking Kyland into keeping her in the house this week. She has a big mountain to climb for that to happen.

Big Brother 23 Comics

Kyland and Xavier had a private conversation about using the veto to take Hannah off the block to gain her trust and potential vote from the jury. Xavier doesn’t want the nominations to change. Kyland wants to explore all of his options and do what is best for his game in the long run. He is considering all his options in the Big Brother house.

Week 10 Power of Veto Ceremony

After much consideration, Kyland decided not to use the power of veto to change his block nominations this week. Therefore, either Hannah or Tiffany will be evicted from the Big Brother 23 house this week. Neither will go down quietly and without a fight.

Join us again tomorrow night, Thursday, September 16 at 8/7c, when the live eviction will be held. In addition, a second live eviction will take place. The houseguests have no idea what is coming for them tomorrow night. This should be a wild ride.

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