Big Brother 23 Spoilers Week 10 Power of Veto Ceremony Results (09/13/21)

The Big Brother 23 Cookout has finally made it to the final six. Now it’s every man or woman for herself. We saw this playout this week with Kyland Young making the move that he thought would further his plan to go to the final two with Xavier Prather, that included targeting Hannah Chaddha and Tiffany Mitchell. 

This decision to target Hannah and Tiffany only won him a little bit of trust with Xavier and Derek Fraiser, but this decision hasn’t really furthered his game. If Xavier gets the chance during Thursday’s double eviction, he will definitely take out Kyland. Xavier is the odds favorite to win the next HOH competition, and if not Xavier, Hannah has the next best odds. Then it could be a luck based Head of Household Competition and Azah Awasum or Derek F could pull out the win. Everyone, besides maybe Derek F, would take a shot at Kyland. At least with Tiffany still in the game, he had a shield. Xavier says he won’t target Kyland next, but I find that hard to believe since he has a great relationship with everyone in the house. If Xavier took out Kyland, he would increase his chances of winning more competitions. 

Kyland then painted a bigger target on his back by winning the Power of Veto. Instead of thinking about what’s best for his individual game, he is determined to go to the end with Xavier. This means there is no hope he will use it to take Tiffany or Hannah off the block. However, both made an attempt to sway Kyland to take them off the block, but he’s a man determined to stick with his plan and decision, even if it’s not a good plan or decision.



Kyland did not use the Veto. Tiffany and Hannah remain on the block.  

Unless something crazy happens between today and Thursday, Tiffany will likely be the first Cookout member evicted, and the first person evicted on Thursday’s special eviction 2-hour episode.

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