Big Brother Recap: New HoH Takes Power & Jury Member Returns! 8/28/2016

In our Big Brother 18 recap tonight, the dual Head of Household/Jury Return competition continues as the houseguests struggle through the most grueling endurance challenge of the season. When it’s all over and done with, one of the five Jury members will earn their way back into the game, and a new Head of Household will have to make the very important decision of which two players to put on the block with only a few weeks left before the finale.

Big Brother 18 Head of Household Competition
Big Brother 18 Head of Household Competition

From watching the full HoH Competition on the Big Brother Live Feeds, we can tell you that it was quite the nasty challenge for the houseguests to endure, and there were quite a few very surprising moments. We don’t know how much CBS will be able to show on the TV episode tonight, but if you want a full recap of the major highlights from the competition, which lasted for hours, you can check out our SPOILERS post on it here.

Flashback hours earlier, Paul Abrahamian blew up his game (on purpose) by challenging Michelle Meyer, James Huling, and Natalie Negrotti. Natalie admits during this argument that she wanted Victor Arroyo to stay. Corey Brooks and Nicole Franzel hear this reveal and start to not trust James.

During the Head of Household/Juor Return comp, Da’Vonne Rogers admits that she’s scared of heights and water. She also admits that she starts to fall. Zakiyah Everette says that she’s falling too. They agree to fall together, and take each other’s hands.

Zakiyah and Da'Vonne

Da’Vonne breaks down a little in the Diary Room for letting her daughter down by not being able to do the competition. After Da’Vonne and Zakiyah come off, Corey falls off next. Bridgette Dunning falls off soon after Corey. Paulie Calafiore and Victor Arroyo become the last two jurors left to fight for a return to the Big Brother 18 game.

After 48 minutes, Paulie finally falls out. This puts Victor back in the Big Brother 2016 house, but he falls off about two minutes later. This makes Paul, Nicole, and James the final three players in this week’s Head of Household competition.

Paul slips after an hour and thirty-five minutes into the competition. Nicole tells James that she wants to win this competition for a letter from her family. He says that he wants this win to add to his wall competition record. This will be his fourth wall win.

James decides to drop so that Nicole can get a letter from her mom. The competition lasts for 2 hours and 4 minutes. Corey and Nicole then discuss this week’s nominations. She wants Michelle put up on the block and out the house.

BB18-James Huling

In the Have-Not room, Michelle asks James if he made a deal to keep her safe. He says no, and she feels like she doesn’t really have them as allies. Natalie is a little upset that James threw the competition to Nicole.

Paul talks to Corey, Nicole, and Victor about where to go next in the game. He wants to work with them for the rest of the game. However, Nicole is not sure she can trust them to work with her and Corey in the long run.

She doesn’t want them to jump ship once she’s out of power. Nicole also mentions that James and Natalie have been acting sketchy. Later, Corey brings up how James has messed up their game quite a few times. He also mentioned how Victor and Paul never did anything to them.

They then discuss playing the middle, but making Victor and Paul their true final four goal. She wants to get Michelle out this week to stay true to both sides.

America’s Care Package arrives for…Corey!

BB18-Victor Arroyo, Nicole Franzel, Corey Brooks

He gets a jock strap, glasses, and the $5,000 bribe. He gets to use the money to bribe someone to do what he wants from now until after next week’s Head of Household competition. Corey and Nicole wonder what America wants them to do with the $5,000. They wonder if it means to not work with Victor and Paul, because America chose to give it to them instead of the Sitting Ducks.

Nicole tells Paul and Victor that she wants to put Michelle on the block. She then tells them that she needs to put Paul up to keep Natalie and James happy. Paul agrees to become a pawn for her.

They then form “The Final Four” alliance. In the Dr, Nicole mentions how she feels like she should be loyal to Paul and Victor instead of Natalie and James.

BB18-Paul Abrahamian, Corey Brooks, Victor Arroyo, Nicole Franzel

She nominates Michelle and Paul for eviction.

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