Big Brother Sisters Rachel Reilly and Elissa Slater Invade The Bold and the Beautiful

Big Brother 15 ended a little over a week ago. If you thought that meant that the cast would disappear, you were wrong.  The Big Brother 15 cast members are ramping up to stay in the spotlight. While some have funded Kickstarters, gone on Twitter rants and exposed production secrets, others have taken different steps toward fame. Some Big Brother 15 alumni are expanding their small screen credits to scripted dramas.

Big Brother 15-Elissa 2

Elissa Slater has followed the career path of some other former Big Brother players, including her sister, Rachel Reilly, and booked a guest stint on a CBS soap opera.  Elissa will appear on The Bold and the Beautiful next month. According to TV Guide, Elissa started filming her episodes right after leaving the Big Brother  house.  These episodes are currently scheduled to air on October 30 and 31.

On The Bold and the Beautiful, Elissa plays a hostess at a Bikini Bar. Her first episode includes a variety of former Big Brother players, including  Jeff Schroeder, her sister Rachel and her brother-in-law Brendon Villegas. Also appearing on that episode is Howard Overby, whose guess appearance was reported earlier.  The second episode involves a Reilly sisters’ shopping spree. Hopefully they get to utter some improvised lines that include their famous phrases,  “I’m so obsessed” and “no one comes between me and my man.”

Elissa has been a longtime fan of The Bold and the Beautiful. She used to watch it with her grandmother and later her mother. A fact that made Elissa feel like the offer was “completely crazy and completely surreal!” So clearly Elissa is “obsessed!” about the news.

We’re happy to see that some of the Big Brother 15 cast members are finding work despite the very controversial season. Will you be tuning in to The Bold and the Beautiful to see Elissa and Rachel?