Survivor 2013 Episode 2 Recap: Who Was Eliminated?

Survivor 2013 has already had multiple twists and turns.  With only two episode done, Survivor Season 27 will definitely be a season to remember! Find out what happened last night and who went home on Survivor 2013 last night.


Last night’s Survivor Blood vs. Water 2013 brought out some of the contestant’s true personalities.  Colton was known as one of the most vindictive players after his first season of Survivor.  After crying and getting the sympathy of his tribe mates last week on Survivor 2013 last week, he went back to his true self last night.  He wanted to stir things up and make the camp chaotic because as he put it, he thrives in chaos.

The first Redemption Island battle took place on last night’s Survivor 2013.  Marrissa, Rupert, and Candice had to weave spools through a wire maze using a long pole.  Each spool (ten total) had to be stacked on top of the maze.  If the side were tapped the whole stack of spools would fall down!  Rupert blazed through the beginning of the challenge, but in the end his speed hurt him.  His stack didn’t last and he had to start over and in the end, went home.  Candice won the Redemption Island challenge and won the ability to give anybody a clue to the immunity idol.  She gave the clue to her husband John. 

Before the tribes even went to the immunity challenge, the guys of the Tadhana tribe talked about sticking to their plan of knocking out the women one by one.

For last night’s Survivor 2013 immunity challenge three members from each tribe were tied together.  The members had to roll another member in a barrel through a course to untie a series of bags containing balls.  Once completed another tribe member had to roll the balls up a ramp and into holes.

The Galang tribe stayed ahead throughout the barrel portion of the challenge, but with the help of Hayden the Tadhana tribe pulled ahead during the ball section.  Hayden’s skills weren’t enough to beat Gervase.  Gervase pulled ahead and won immunity and fishing equipment for the Galang tribe.

After the loss the women of Tadhana knew they were in trouble.  John was more interested in preserving his wife’s time on Survivor 2013 than his tribe’s.  He didn’t want to vote for Rachel because he knew Tyson would probably switch places with her and knock Candice off Redemption Island.  His loyalty to his wife and the possibility that he could have an immunity idol put enough doubt in a few of the tribe members to split the votes.  Even though there were a few votes for John, Rachel was still voted off last night’s Survivor 2013.